There’s Only One Response That Immediately Comes To Mind

Jan 11, 2011 by

…and that’s fuck you, you fucking fucks.

To hell with Jefferson Parish and the opportunities that supposedly live there.  I can take some of the other boosterist claims in their ad campaign with a grain of salt and my tongue firmly in cheek…

You put art in its place? Yeah, right there on Veterans Boulevard with the revolving Rodrigue Blue/Yellow/Red Dog.

You lowered crime rates? Alright, you got us there.  But you’ve still got to lock your doors.

You reinvented a city? I like the Fat City graphic next to that one, especially since you’re probably gonna reinvent it out of existence.

You planted 1400 trees? Meet Monique Pilie and her Hike for Katreena cause, which has planted over 7000 trees in New Orleans and counting.

…but…but…let’s look at this garbage again:

You know, this completely ignores the 8/29/2005 flooding in Old Metairie, as well as the fact that the swollen 17th Street Canal could have breached into Jefferson Parish.  It wasn’t better levee construction, it was dumb luck.  And JP isn’t building the levees – that’s still largely under the Army Corps of Engineers’ umbrella.

But hey, if it gets more people to make Jefferson Parish their home, so much the better!

Forget that billboard…the whole ad campaign has got to go.


Update, 1/16: Fox 8 gets Jefferson Parish residents’ reactions, and they’re appalled, too.

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