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About a couple of months ago, George asked me if I would be interested in being a contributing blogger here on Humid City. “Sure, why not. Could be fun” I replied. I was asked to create a password and submit a picture and voila I was in.

About a month later I was asked to introduce myself on the site. Pimp my comic. Whatever I like. Just introduce myself on the site.

About a month after that I was asked to contribute a blog once a week, if possible. And for God’s sake post something, anything, on the site. Talk about Comic Con, whatever, just put something up.

So here I am.

Thing is: when I discovered blogging some six years ago I was all in. ‘Twas a time I wouldn’t shut up about, well, most things.

Thing is now: I stopped blogging for a reason. Well, my reason but a reason none the less. I stopped because I asked myself: Who really gives a shit what I have to say? And this is, by no means, meant as some sort of bait to get people to gush and hug me. No, this was an awakening of sorts that made me say “really, who gives a shit what I think about _________?” Re-hashing a news story from another site? Sharing my deeper feelings on a personal painful subject? Politics? Sports? Comics? Higher education? Philosophy? Seriously all things of interest to me to comment on not only felt done to death but made me wonder “just who in the hell do I think I am?” Who REALLY reads this and what’s more why do I need someone to post a reply to feel validated about one of my many opinions? Am I really sharing something or am I just looking for people that agree with me? Am I opening things for a discussion and why do I need to have that discussion in the first place? Is it debate or am I just trying to make everyone think the way I do? And really fighting over the internet doesn’t make you retarded. No, that’s an insult to retarded people.

The conclusion I wound up coming to, the one that works for me that is, is that for me it isn’t quantity it’s quality. It’s the same reason I don’t do Twitter. Because I truly don’t think that what I have to say on any particular subject is all that fired important let alone a conclusion that you haven’t already come to on your own. I prefer to speak, as it were, when I feel I have something to say. Otherwise it’s probably just re-hashing something that’s been said eleventy billion times before and in just as many languages.

Now, before you go getting your thong in your crack I’ll share this much. And don’t worry, I’m the type of guy that brings enough to the party for everyone to share.

For those that already have multiple browser windows open and are copying and pasting a link to a article or blog you want me to read that validates this social form I say this: Stop. I’m not looking to be convinced otherwise and any attempt to do so simply validates what I’ve already said here.

For those that are already spell checking their reply to defend blogging I’m not knocking blogging as whole. I see its value in media coming from a media background myself. I know and have read both the pros and cons of it all. I’ve come to my conclusions and what’s more: I’m good with these conclusions. I don’t need any more convincing.

For those that are wondering well what the hell are you doing it for if you’re not into blogging? It’s not that I’m not into it. It’s that I’ll say something if I think I have something in particular to say that’s a contribution that moves something forward. My dad used to say “speak when you got something to say.” I practice that in my online world. Shame I don’t do so in my real world. Plus: George asked me and I respect him enough in this medium that I’m flattered that he thinks I have something to say.

And I do apologize if this comes off as arrogant. I do that a lot in the real world to. And I’ve figured out why that is but there’s only one way to fix that and that’s just by having a real conversation with facial expressions and inflections of tone as opposed to words on a glaring buzzing screen.

So that’s my introduction, George and Humid City. A whole lot of personal opinion that, really, only matters to one person. Maybe two but she’s my girlfriend so she’s probably biased. Ok, maybe three but she’s my mother so I think she’s bound by law to like whatever I spit up.

I look forward to contributing about comics as an industry or literary medium or higher education. I don’t like to talk religion or politics because really they’re both a two headed serpent: the same beast no matter which end you’re staring and and no matter what’s coming out that head’s particular mouth. Oh, and I don’t like to talk about Katrina either. Been there. Done that. It didn’t kill me so it made me stronger. Let’s move on.

I guess that’s about it then.

Play Nice Now…
~ T. 21011

PS: Comic Con was awesome.

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