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Feb 18, 2011 by

On days when the fog is so thick out you can cut it, I’ve just found out my young ‘un’s school has a teacher in-service day going on, ensuring that the kiddo will be with me chattering all day, and my internet connection is sketchy at best, it’s good to hold to the sustaining rituals of one’s existence.

Thing is, I read. A lot. If I were in one of the snowpocalypse areas, I would have no problem holing up someplace warm or stocked with blankets, with a stack of books to keep me company.  As it is, my brain is full of not only the books I am currently in the middle of, but also the impressions of the past week’s Loyola panel on public educationreports from Wisconsin on the protests at the capitol (It blows my mind that the Democratic state senators there went to Rockford, IL, to keep the lege there from having a quorum in order to more easily curtail the rights of certain public employees to negotiate for their benefits…I was all ready to have them up on a float with Andy Garcia in Bacchus. I’ll have to get the best man from our wedding to check in on those Wisconsin Democrats.), and the fact that the BP account on Twitter has become a nonstop unofficial Gulf Coast chamber of commerce PR machine. Really, @BP_America? Will all the $100 gift cards, the reports of Florida’s tourism statistics, and the concert and festival promotions make the oil and Corexit still in the Gulf magically disappear? Really???

Thanks to a certain blogger I know, I will be dealing with the latter tomorrow night in costume for a third year, tossing trinkets to the masses in the Marigny and the Quarter as one of the devil minions of that oil oligarchy, a beach bunny from hell accompanying a carousel of sin.  My greed will know no bounds.  I will be awash in dough as I pass out the only oil I see that matters: tanning oil.  Enjoy those beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, kids! It’s all good.

Right now, if I didn’t have this, I would probably be going postal.  See you there.


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