Carnival Arsenal

Mar 2, 2011 by

No sooner do I decry the use of paddling in the schools when I must consider a fact of life of living near the parade route:

The King Arthur soft sword is the latest addition.

What can I say? We’ve amassed a fair amount of Mardi Gras weaponry from off the floats in the past couple of years.  If ever there came a time when we needed to symbolically stage a street battle for proper ladder usage, the improper roping-off of sidewalk and neutral ground property to the exclusion of the rest of the public that has every right to watch a freaking parade, and for the rights of Mardi Gras bottom-feeders, we’re ready to arm a good number of participants.

Note the absence of paddles, however.

Come on’a my house for early morning pancakes Mardi Gras day if you’re in the Lower Garden District.  Email me for deets at [email protected]

Happy Mardi Gras to all.


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