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There is a virus kicking my tail this week, ensuring that efforts to cheer me up will only end in hacking, coughing fits of wheezing laughter. When I haven’t been trying to sleep off this assault on my health, I’ve been checking the interwebs.  What follows is kind of a fever dreaming of sorts, an attempt to string things together that sometimes makes sense only to my mind on TheraFlu.  As a kid, I used to try to figure out how I jumped from thought to thought, calling it “backtracking”.  At times like these, I could probably use more of that…but I soon came to the conclusion that it looks like, this week, the rest of the world caught my disease in one form or another and threw any analysis or fairly rational thought out the windows in its general panic.  Go with it, my addled brain on OTC meds says.  Just go

I checked the outside of the shuttered ARK collective building this past Saturday and checked this thread at the Blog of New Orleans on the ARK’s closure.  Judging from that thread alone, it seems that Paul the landlord could easily be mistaken for Stanley Bard of the Chelsea Hotel…but there are still a lot of gaps in that story and in that of the shutdown of the Eris parade.  Is the NOPD 5th District’s closure of the ARK related to the Eris melee?  Was the neighborhood fed up with the ARK and its occupants?  Will more people be speaking out about the events of that night?

For now, Plan B has taken their services to St. Roch and the Iron Rail is still operating a “satellite” sale out of the Hey! Cafe at Magazine near Napoleon.  And, in the case of the 5th District’s conduct, if Major Minor Serpas won’t take the recommendations of the independent police monitor seriously, perhaps he’ll take more heed of the statistics that say the 5th’s performance is lagging far behind all the other police districts in citizen satisfaction, ’cause 8 percent is nothing to sneeze at.  Let’s all take a look at what the law actually says with regards to permits and parading in the meantime.  Vagueness can work against us just as much as it can work for us.  That’s why it is important to speak out – in this way we can help highlight what is infuriating about the way the laws are and the way they are applied in this town.

The events in Japan have been horrible.  The best explanation I’ve seen yet as to what’s been doing at the Fukushima plant and why they are trying to douse it with seawater can be found at this link.  Panic for the Japanese is already manifesting itself in the form of hoarding from stores despite the authorities’ best intentions.  The vote of no confidence in the official accounts of what is going on at Fukushima has manifested itself in the US’s authorization of evacuations of Americans out of the country, which won’t help the panic.  What is needed now over there is food and medical care.  Donate through the NOLA Japan Quake Fund and/or Doctors Without Borders.

And what is needed over on our side of the Pacific is common sense.  Having seen so many links to one version or another of “which nuclear power plant do you live near?“, I can tell you right now that all of us live near a nuclear power plant when it comes to where escaping radiation could go.  We don’t need to take potassium iodide tablets in solidarity with the folks in northern Japan – in fact, we should be sending them those tablets.  What we could do here instead is help Japan through the current crisis and start working on alternative energy sources that won’t rely on drilling deeper into the earth or on cooling down spent rods of radioactive material for ten years.

Can someone tell me why the RSD is doing this to Colton?  It wasn’t like that when artists opened it up to the public for Prospect .1, I know that much.  Couldn’t the playing in the dirt be serving the rebuilding of other schools better than messing with the Colton building?  Someone please clue me in as to what’s up.

And now it seems that the Department of Justice is telling us everything we already knew about the way the police department here operates. Sadly, “unconstitutional conduct” is nothing new to us here.  Once again, I don’t know what Major Minor will be able to do about it unless there are numbers involved.  Full report is here.

Back under the covers I go, folks.  Don’t get what I got.


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