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One thing I’ve learned about the people of Louisiana: they share a similar trait with the people of my religion.

They don’t forget.

Oh, sure, the people in power in this state will go to great lengths to try to sweep things under the swamp, to push it all away into the Gulf, to tell us all it’s water under the Mississippi River bridges, it’s washed out of the lakes, gone, poof.  Go back to your lives, y’all, just a blip in our interesting history, something for others to worry their heads over. *pats heads*

They don’t forget.

I for one am grateful for resources that continue to rear their heads and counter the big lies, such as the Gulf Oil Spill Information Portal, the continued chronicling of the recovery – or lack of it – through Drake Toulouse’s Disenfranchised Citizen (there is a link in his sidebar to articles on the dispersant Corexit; go read), bayougirl’s blog, the continued efforts of reporters and writers such as Dahr Jamail and Terry Tempest Williams, the fierce activism of people new to it, but determined to defend the coast and the way of life that is barely breathing since the Macondo blowout, and the watchful camera eye of those checking on the health of those on the front lines of the cleanup.

None of us ought to forget.

With their continued hard work, and our willingness to keep this in our hearts and – most importantly – not to let those in power slough it off their shoulders, this will not go by quietly.

I ask anyone reading this to post their go-to Gulf Coast oil disaster links in the comments to this post.

We cannot afford to forget. Period.


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