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May 25, 2011 by

I’ve been having a hard time writing. Between a fellow New Orleanian being gunned down by the police here in Cincinnati, the surge of water heading towards NOLA, and old House of Blues friends from NOLA losing another house in the Joplin tornados I must admit that a fair amount of depression has stayed my hand.

This is another time that I am thankful for my friends. In this case an old buddy of mine from my days working at PJ’s. Jean Paul has taken to riding his bike around the city ruminating on the vagaries of life in our favorite tarnished jewel of a city and I think it is pretty great stuff. So, since I am suffering serious brain lock I’m going to share his most recent two minute ride through the Freret St area. Give it watch.

You can check out more on his YouTube Channel, and if you’re a fan of the local art scene you are probably already familiar with his wonderful gallery Du Mois. (Don’t just listen to me, check out the Yelp! reviews!)

More when I can, in the meantime all of you stay safe and eat some crawfish on my behalf.

-Loki the Expatriate

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