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Jul 16, 2011 by

…and last week, I couldn’t post another one…

I could say it ain’t my fault, but one can schedule posts on WordPress, and I have in the past when I’ve vamoosed from New Orleans for a bit, so really, it is my fault to a certain extent. I should’ve known better, having traveled with my husband many times before. His methods – and our many hotel switcheroos this trip – don’t make it at all easy to do more than toss out a few bits and pieces through Twitter of what’s been going down…and then I must endure Dan’s criticism of being too attached to the Droid. For the record, I am not too attached; I did have to leave it on the beach while I went swimming, after all. Wait’ll he sees all the freaking pictures – and then he’ll tell me I took too many. I can’t win.

Anyhow, for my 100th post on Humid City, I will leave you with a couple of thoughts and a reiteration of Loki’s plea from his last post. I heard there’s been a lot of rain this past week over this town, so when things feel wetter & grayer than you can possibly imagine, switch on that imagination, get your virtual snorkeling gear on and go visit this place:

Yes, people, for your information, there are Jews who surf. Here are a few of their stories.

Makua Kai Rothman

Navah Paskowitz-Walther (only daughter of longtime surfing guru Dorian Paskowitz, who is apparently equal parts schmuck and mensch)

Shaun Tomson

And finally, once again, c’mon and join us here at Humid City. Drop Loki an email if you’re interested. Now more than ever, this town needs your voice. Be well. Mahalo.


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