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“Buh-dee,buh-die,buh-doy,buh-dot’n duy, buh-dee,buh-dot’n duy.”
–Combustible Edison, ‘Vertigogo’

And that’s about where I’m at, gentle reader! I apologize for not giving an update this morning, (I know both of my readers are angry and appalled,) but I was running late and the Pisco Porton people removed the working tables in the media suite for part of their breakfast, (bastardos!,) and my laptop battery only works long enough to warn me that shutdown is imminent! Of course, the fine folks at Pisco Porton eased our pain by deftly slipping a nice 750ml bottle into our camera bag! Gracias, mi amigos!

Earlier today was the Classic Hotel Bar seminar, which, while entertaining and informative, was somewhat London-centric. This was followed by a quick Cognac brunch and a mad dash to the Royal Sonesta for the Cocktail Music & Culture seminar. The dash included a nice little slide on a wet Royal Street sidewalk, so there’s my first stumble of Tales, entirely un-alcohol related!

The Cocktail Music & Culture seminar was a delight –if a tad sparse, but 100+ years takes some time to go through!– running from the early days of “concert” halls and saloons, to speakeasies, tiki bars, nightclubs, discotheques and on into the modern club. Moderated by Angus Winchester, the seminar was presented by none other than Brother Cleve of Combustible Edison, The Swingin’ Erudites and also known as DJ Sharaabi Kappor! In fact, the last of our four seminar cocktails was the Original Combustible Edison cocktail, (sans flaming brandy,) as featured on their first release, “I, Swinger”.

After a nice post seminar chat with Brother Cleve, it was a quick sidetrip to Yesteryears on Bourbon where Miss Thelma was holding a choice antique (well, almost…) Dr Nut bottle for me, then another mad dash back to the HM for some much needed AC, H2O and AOAC. (Ass on a cushion!) The blogging table has returned along with the electrical octopus and here I sit, for your entertainment pleasure! The semi-official count now stands at 89 cocktails/hemi-cocktails/samples/etc, since 6pm Tueday. Notes have been taken, a list will be made.

Right now Ricard has blocked off the section of Royal Street directly in front of the HM for a Petanque tournament (5:30-7:30) which I doubt I’ll be around for as my next two stops will be my last. First, after writing this, I’ll wander down to the lobby for my daily dose of St Germain and a crass attempt to scam a full bottle off the tattooed bastard running their show. Then it’s on to the Meet The Craft Distillers tasting room, a selection of small batch distillers who focus their efforts on quality rather than quantity. Then it’s home for more drooling in the tub until tomorrow morning.

Unless I stop off for a cocktail, or two…

-M Stborski

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