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Jul 27, 2011 by

A good friend (and student) of Loki’s, Judah Sher, has a brilliant Kickstarter project up that needs a boost. Its 92% funded and only has four days left.

If you dig robots, making things, 3D modeling, open source, or just genuinely cool stuff then take a moment and watch this video.

Support the Kikori Open Source CNC Gntry Router! Donate and learn more here

Definitely a step towards those replicators in Star Trek! Show it some love, minimum donation is one dollar and every dollar helps. Besides you should see some of the rewards for different donation levels. I mean, really, just check out The Launcher.

I think Rex over at NOLA Rising needs one of these. :

The Launcher by SindrianArts

Loki thanks you!

Disclosure: The creator is a friend and a student, but the real reason I’m posting it here is because I think this is unbearably cool. 

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