On the Lee-ward Side

Sep 3, 2011 by

The system out in the Gulf is saying, “Howdy!” this morning with multiple bands of rain & some nifty winds:

I wish I could find one of the spaghetti models Bob Breck was showing everybody yesterday. It looked like a too-colorful pasta puttanesca that was certain to give you indigestion.

My husband chalks up the coverage of this storm to a “hurricane envy” because Irene didn’t come our way, which is kinda sick. It can’t be denied, however, that storm prep in this case is working – or at least the pumps seem to be. What’s also amazing is that the NOLAInfo service actually sent out a list of streets susceptible to flooding, the NOPD made it clear that people driving too damned fast on flooded streets will be busted (number to call to report these idiotic offenders is here – I personally blame the egotism of SUV drivers, so high and mighty above it all, or so they think), and even after all that, Jim Cantore is STILL here.

Our power’s still on. Life is still pretty good, albeit very damp and claustrophobic. Plus, this thing passing over us has hopefully put this garbage out.

In the meantime, however, I know that our area of town isn’t the same as many other areas that are getting substantial water and being buffeted by some serious winds. Let us know in the comments what’s doing by you.


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