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…another record falls. Or so we hope.

Some history to ponder as the Saints travel to Carolina. Say ‘Hey!’ to Shockey for us boys! (Real nice and hard like!)

Marques Colston (240) needs just one TD to take 8th place from Charlie Durkee (243) on the Saints all-time scoring list. His early season injury has hampered this, along with the fact that Brees has so many different options. Perhaps the Carolina D will be flexible enough for everyone to find the end zone…

Pierre Thomas (2075) needs just 16 ground yards to surpass Reggie Who (2090) for 10th place on the Saints career rushing yards board. Though only averaging 34 y/g through four games, Thomas is still on pace to also pass Wade Wilson (2462) and Mario Bates (2554) and move into 8th place by the end of the season. It’s going to be tough considering the RB spot is filled by Thomas, Ingram, Sproles and now FB Jed Collins, but Pierre has the heart and drive to make every carry count.

In Saints career receiving yards, Devery Henderson (3823) has passed Quinn Early (3758) for sixth place and is 27 yards away from taking fifth place from Hoby Brenner (3849). After that it will be a long, thousand yard climb to Danny Abramowicz (4875) but Henderson has shown incredible resilience and improvement and has become a major clutch receiver, Jags game notwithstanding. Despite a big goose-egg in that game, Devery’s 66 y/g average this year would still push him about 8 yards past Danny.

Garrett Hartleys stand-in, John Kasay, needs just four field goals to drop Garo Yepremian out of 10th place on the Saints career FG board, but let’s hope most of the kicking he does today is for extra points! It’s not that I begrudge Kasay the job, but dammit, Garrett put us in the Super Bowl and I hate to see him on the sidelines!

There aren’t many categories left for Brees to top off, but sadly, one of them is interceptions. Brees (83) is two picks shy of taking second place from Aaron Who (84), (no relation to Reggie,) but still a long way off from Archie Manning’s total of 156. Let’s root against this one, shall we? Besides, there are some NFL records that Drew might have his eye on…

Brees is already 2594 yards past Archie Manning in career passing yards, and over 5000 past Aaron Who, and he’s averaging 352 y/g so far this season. If this pace continues, he stands a good chance of breaking Dan Marino’s 1984 NFL season yardage record of 5084 by 556 yards! Diehards will remember that he fell just 16 yards short of that mark in 2010 placing him second to Marino. At minimum, Brees (1410) needs to average 306 y/g to break Marino’s record, but he has some serious competition from Tom Brady (1553), Cam Newton (1386) and Aaron Rodgers (1325) who are each having career seasons. The Saints D can help whittle Newton down this week and hopefully they will!

Brees is also on pace to break the NFL season attempts mark set by Drew Bledsoe (691) in 1994. Drew has 174 attempts this season, an average of 43.5 a/g which would put him at 696 by the end of the year. His closest competition here is Cleveland’s Cot McCoy (172) who has just two less attempts than Brees. Currently, Brees’ 440 attempts in 2010 is third to Peyton Manning’s 2010 mark of 679 and the aforementioned Bledsoe.

But wait… there’s more!! In the NFL season completions category Drew is also looking at an NFL record year! At 120 completions through four games, Drew’s average of 30 c/g would top out at 480, surpassing Peyton Manning’s 2010 mark of 450 by 30. Brees currently holds the number 2 and 3 slots with 448 (2010) and 440 (2007) respectively.

So that’s where we’yat going into Carolina folks. Getcha Crunk on, (because we ain’t got time for no li’l ‘c’ crunkin’,) and fire up them scrimps… It’s Saints Football time!!

-M Styborski



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