Return of the Native

Oct 18, 2011 by

Loki and Mini ThorLoki here, your It’s been three years since the wife and I set out for Cincinnati and our adventures in Ohio. Since then she has attained her MFA and we have have experiences both good and bad.

I’ve learned that I never want to see snow again as long as I bloody well live. I’ve learned the joys of not paying tax on food at the grocery. We’ve made friends, built CincyVoices, learned that goetta is good stuff, and had fantastic bonfires. We also now have first hand knowledge of how much of a tool Gov. Kasich is and just how large a gulf there is between the francophile culture of home and the germano-protestant culture up here.

Now it’s time to come home, 9.5% tax on groceries and all.

Quake in your boots, my children, for evil uncle Loki is returning. Liprap is still in charge until we get back, which hopefully will be before Christmas.

I’m dying to smell the night-blooming jasmine, have a po-boy, and see my friends face to face (adrastos too, I suppose).

Wish us luck, it’s going to be complicated, but it’s truly long past time┬áto hear some brass and shake my ass!

See you soon, take it away Fats!

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