The Comic Con Interviews: Marrus and Erin Grey

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Being a Southern Gentleman I’d like to kick off our on-site interviews from Comic Con by saying “Ladies first!”

Loki Interviews MarrusAnd oh what ladies we have for you today. For the art and comics fans we have Marrus who has worked on everything from ElfQuest to doing storyboards for Johnathan Frakes. Not only that, but she is one of ours, a New Orleans resident since right before Hurricane Katrina and the Levee Failure. As a friend and occasional contributor to HumidCity we had to start with her.

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Loki Interviews Erin Grey

Then for those with more video oriented leanings we have a terrific chat with Erin Grey, most often remembered for her work as Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. A truly gracious and vivacious lady indeed.

While I was waiting for a gap in the line of fans to conduct our interview I got to be a fly on the wall as she bent over backwards to fix a snafu that would have sent one of her fans home without the photo op they had already paid for. Since the payment was done through Wizards there was nothing she could do to get them a refund, so she had them brought over for a more intimate picture before they had to leave. This is the sign of a true pro, and one who values her fans as well.

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Stay tuned, we will be releasing several more audiocasts over the next few days including interviews with Zombie King Arthur Suydam and legendary DND Artist Larry Elmore!

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