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Leave it to Loki to do some introductory ball busting with that cheerleader picture. There’s one of him out there somewhere and his is *much* uglier.

Having said that I’m glad to be doing some NOLA blogging again. I was a city business tenant for 5 years, and while the Landrieu krewe are only marginally more competent than his even balder predecessor’s minions, they’ve actually heard of the internets. In short, ragging on the new Mayor was out. After a long wrangle, which I may or may not go into in the future, I have moved my business to Magazine Street. 3640 to be specific. Come and see me sometime. End of implicit commercial plug that sounded vaguely like Marlene Dietrich flirting with Jimmy Stewart in Destry Rides Again.

I’ve written a few NOLA centric posts at First Draft but it involves a lot exposition to explain who, for example, Cynthia Windy-Lewis is. Y’all know her as a verbose candidate who can’t win a citywide election, which means I can get right to the snark instead of being an expositionist…

Anyhoo, there are more puns to come; especially on the subject of the Ho-Zone. Hmm, I wonder if Bitter Vitter is in favor;  sounds like it should be right up his alley.

This was a long circuitous way of saying that I’m back on the NOLA blog beat such as it is.

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