No Ho-Zone For Now

May 10, 2012 by

Anyone with a pulse in NOLA has surely heard about the so-called Hospitality Zone that’s been proposed for the Quarter, Marigny and Treme. The tourism industry doesn’t want to be bothered with annoyances such as residents and democracy. They have important shit to do and want to have an appointed board to get it done. It’s a terrible idea: the last thing that part of the city is another roving group of unelected busy bodies running around telling people what they can and cannot do.

I guess the powers that be know that democracy has long been an alien concept for the affected neighborhoods. Their council members are always from Algiers. They’ve had some beauts: two empty suits in Troy and James Carter who aren’t related but were equally inattentive to their constituents. The current Algerine, Kristin Palmer, isn’t one of my favorites but at least has a pulse.

The problem with the Quarter circa 2012 is that its Disneyfication is nearly complete. Fewer and fewer people live there full time every decade, which means it’s increasingly for drunk tourists, rich people with condos and businesspeeps like Earl Barnhardt: the man behind the dread hand grenade cocktail. I’m not much of a hurricane fan but if offered a choice at gun point between one of those and a <gag> hand grenade, I’ll take the former any day.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Senator Ed Murray postponed hearings on his bill, which means that people from NOLA didn’t have to slum in Red Stick. Ignatius  J Reilly would be relieved to hear that.

For more coherent coverage of this issue check out that NOLA Femme fatale, LunaNola and Jason at American Zombie. Word.

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