Quorum Quibbling

May 16, 2012 by

Councilmembers Hedgehog-Morrell and Johnson (he’s such a dull hack that I haven’t nicknamed him yet) continue their boycott of council meetings. They ducked a special soiree today called by her Jackiness thereby denying a quorum, which means the Council cannot do anything. The 2 African-American pols have filched a page from Chinless Mitch McConnell’s playbook by holding their respective breaths until the Council changes how At-Large members are elected. I happen to agree with them on that issue but their methods are appalling. They’re turning Debrisville into Gridlock City.

Another major issue before the City Council is the nomination of Erroll George to be Stacy Head’s interim District B replacement. I know Hedgehog-Morrell and Johnson dislike Stacy BUT I call taxation without representation. I do not have a Councilmember because of their antics. Nice work, y’all.

The worst thing about all this dilly-dallying (shilly-shallying?) is that if the vacancy isn’t filled by the end of the month, the Mayor will appoint my Councilmember. One of the reasons I voted for Stacy Head is that she’s independent and unbossed, which is how I prefer my representative. I’m not crazy about our control freak Mayor selecting my Councilmember even on an interim basis. Interestingly enough, Ms. Head has indicated she may well support the quorum quibblers on this issue but they remain on paid vacation. It’s good to be a member of the Council of Clowns…

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