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I don’t usually criticize politicians for being political but Mayor Landrieu is fond of telling us that he’s a “reformer” who believes  in “transparency.” That means that he’s held to a higher standard than your standard pol.  That’s why he’s been such a disappointment as Mayor: he talks the talk but rarely walks the walk. Whatever his other flaws, Marc Morial didn’t slather his public pronouncements with a layer of sanctimony. He was the pols pol who was Mayor to get shit done and if some of his cronies and relatives benefited that was fine with him.

The Mayor’s latest bit of humbuggery is his appointment of  veteran political hack, Diana Bajoie to the District B council seat. The Landrieu folks, of course, slathered sanctimony over this selection by declaring that Stacy Head’s pick, Errol George wasn’t domiciled in the district.  It does appear that Ms. Head’s peeps dropped the ball on this one BUT that’s not why the Mayor chose Ms. Bajoie. He wanted a captive vote on the council and the former State Senator fit the bill. The last I heard of Ms. Bajoie her name came up in court as the sponsor of a bill that steered money to one of Mose Jefferson’s “non-profits.” That’s right, Dollar Bill’s brother. And now she’s the choice of our  “reform” Mayor to represent me at City Hall. Thanks, Mitch.

Well, at least Bajoie’s fellow hacks, Cynthia Hedgehog-Morrell and Jon Johnson are back at work. They’ve learned that holding your breath until your face turns blue works as a political tactic. You would have thought that since the Mayor comes from a huge family that he’d recognize a temper tantrum when he saw one.  His interests and those of the hacks coincide for the moment but they’ve learned that the Mayor be rolled so it’s likely to happen again.

Thanks, Mitch.

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