Sean Up (And Get CRUNK!)

Aug 1, 2012 by

OK Saints Fans, it’s YOUR turn to play head coach. Roger Goodell has banned Sean Payton for the year, but he can’t ban his image, nor can he ban 77,000 ticket-holding fans wearing Sean Payton masks and waving Sean Payton signs! Print out this handy Sean Payton Head and bring it to every game you attend!

Glue it to a sturdy cardboard sheet and cut it out! Add some eye-holes and string and you can wear it like a mask! Not good at crafts? Just glue it to a stick and wave it around. Got some spare cash? Make a huge poster! Make extras for folks who don’t internet! Pass them out to those fans down front who are most likely to be on camera or in line of sight with players! Pass them out to the sections between the goalposts for field goals! Have a blog or website of your own? Link or cross-post this to maximize our Paytonality on opening day!¬†Go NUTS with ’em!! It’s time to Sean Up (And Get Crunk) and show Roger Goodell who we are and where we stand!!

This photo was taken from Bloguin and was uncredited on their site. It is most probably copyrighted by someone, so don’t be a jerk and try selling these!

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  1. chris

    I say measure the endzone and get 1 big printout cut in sections for fans to hold up during redzone…. They would just see a huge Do Your Job face on tv

  2. Claudette LeBlanc

    Oh Hell Yeah!!!!! Thank you thank you!!!!! Posters to come!!!!!

  3. Lovin me some Saints :) Always and Forever !!!!

  4. Debbie

    Free Coach Payton!!! We’re gonna be the only team in history of the NFL to win a SuperBowl without a coach!!! Geaux Saints

  5. Bring rolls of Bounty paper towels to the games. And hold them up in defiance. The stadium can collect them after the game and donate them to homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc. Who Dat!?

    • I like it! A little on the commercial side, but the end result is an awesome idea!

    • C. Williamson

      Wonderful! For a moment I was baffled, having lived in Alabama and all the “Roll Tide” stuff, but I get it. Nice.

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