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Saints Logo Well Aaron Kromer has fixed the Saints problems. This week he affixed a small mirror to each players’ locker with a note saying something to the effect of, “If you’re looking for someone to point the finger at, start with the man in the mirror.” Strong stuff, huh?

That’s got to be some kick in the teeth for Drew Brees who was the 2nd ranked passer in W1 and 4th ranked in W2. And Pierre Thomas was the 5th ranked rusher in W2. Among receivers, Lance Moore ranked 2nd in W1 and Darren Sproles came in at 5th in W2. Granted, they didn’t seal the deal in either week, but I can’t help thinking that anger and resentment are soon to follow when the guy who’s been making the wrong calls tells players who have been busting their asses to point the finger at themselves.

Of course, Kromer probably pulled Drew and Darren and a few others aside and told them, in the strictest confidence, “Hey, that’s not really directed at you, ya know!” And when word spreads about Kromer’s elementary school, un-Jedi mind-tricks, the players move from anger and resentment to plain befuddlement and loss of respect. If there was any to begin with.

Now, these Pop Warner tactics might work on a few of the denser players, but what this team needs, specifically the defense, is a straight-up, smack-ya-mama, All-American ass chewing.  The smoke-screen and mirror act is something you pull after a one-loss stumble, if you must. A two-week skid needs sterner stuff. Sean Payton would be bellowing so violently he’d have the Saints piddlin’ in the pink skirts he’d be forcing them to wear during practice. But he’s not here, is he.

A worrisome rumour is that Kromer is afraid to nut-up and exert his authority over the other coaches on the sideline because he doesn’t want there to be any bad blood when he joins their ranks again in a few weeks. If true, then Kromer really needs to think about an immediate career change. Right now, it’s his job to exert authority. If the other coaches have a problem with it, too bad, because Kromer has the reins right now.

Now you’re all saying, “It’s only two games, man, chill out!” And I could chill if it weren’t for the fact that the Saints have been playing catch-up the whole time. It would be different if we had shown up in either first half or led late in the 4th and lost on a tough opposing drive. But we haven’t. We’ve been sleepwalking out there, not waking up until late in the 3Q, and the defense is practically made up of extras from ‘Night of the Living Dead’. It bodes unwell for the season, my friends!

If anyone needs a mirror, It’s Aaron Kromer, and he needs it to be full-length.

The Numbers:

The Saints lead the currently-winless Kansas City Chiefs in the series 5-4 since their first meeting at Tulane Stadium back in 1972, a 3-point Chiefs victory. Overall, the Saints are 2-3 at home and 2-2 in the Superdome vs KC. We currently have a 2-game winning streak, beating the Chiefs 27-20 at home in 2004, and 30-20 in a 2008 match in Arrowhead Stadium.

Pierre Thomas (23) needs one rushing TD to move out of his three-way tie with Reuben Mayes and George Rogers and secure 5th place for himself. Marques Colston (48) needs one receiving TD to break his 2nd place tie with Quinn Early and Eric Martin. Two would tie him with Joe Horn at 50 each.

Drew Brees (5580) needs 25 passing attempts to take 10th place from Dan Fouts on the NFL’s All-Time Passing Attempts list. That’s should happen on either side of halftime. Nineteen completions will move Brees (3668) into 8th place ahead of Fran Tarkenton on the NFL’s All Time Passing Completions list.

The Saints need just one win to stave off the spectre of a winless season, but given our track record with bottom of the barrel teams, I’m not holding my breath this week.

Ahhh, who am I kidding? We’re gonna destroy them!

-M Styborski

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