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The BIG News:
Jonathan Vilma will be on the field versus Tampa Bay. So Will Curtis Lofton. Interim-interim team manager Aaron Kromer says it’s possible both linebackers could be on-field at the same time. I betcha ten-grand they break Josh Freeman in half! (Too soon?)

And speaking of bounty jokes… Kommandant Goodell has recused himself from the latest round of appeals, no doubt embarrassed by recent evidence which implicates the NFL as a “Pro Bounty” entity. Goodell has appointed former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue to preside over the next round of the farce. My guess? Tagliabue will probably slash the player suspensions in half just to try to get the NFL out of the swamp of bad press that Goodell has submerged it in. Unfortunately, that won’t stop Jonathan Vilma who has repeatedly stated the only thing that will stop his lawsuit is complete exoneration. The next appeal will be heard on October 30th, giving us at least one more game with Vilma and Will Smith against the Denver Broncos on October 28th.

And with each tick of the clock, Goodell’s massive wall of evidence crumbles a little further. The latest “rock-solid, irrefutable, take-it-to-the-bank” piece of evidence to implode on Goodell is Jimmy Kennedy, former Vikings defensive lineman, whom Goodell says is the “whistleblower” in the Brett Favre bounty. Kennedy says his reputation and character have been ‘‘irreparably damaged by the shoddy, careless, shameful so-called investigation…’’.

‘‘Roger Goodell identifies me as the ‘whistleblower’ who approached former Viking coach Brad Childress about an alleged bounty on Brett Favre in the NFC Championship game… That is a lie.’’

The Numbers:
Team has moved from 46th worst by record to 39th stuck between the ’96 Mora/Venturi squad (40th) and Tom Fears’ ’67 and Hank Stram’s ’77 teams (37th). Kromer has moved from 16th to 13th place by W/L record.

If QB’s got points for TD passes, Drew Brees would now be the Saints all-time top scorer with 1326 points, 8 past Morten Andersen. With 370 yards, Brees remains on pace for 5504 yard passing season. Brees started his 100th game as a Saint. Marques Colston (312) took 6th place from Cellphone Horn (306) on the Saints all-time scoring list. Devery Henderson (126) moves past Benny Ricardo (124) and into a 27th place tie with Mario Bates and Hoby Brenner. Colston (52) also took 3rd place from Horn (50) on the Saints all-time TD list. He is now one TD behind Dalton Hilliard (53) and 3 behind Deuce McAllister (55). Those same numbers mean that Colston is now the Saints all-time leader on the TD reception list! Devery Henderson (237) moves past Deuce McAllister (234) on the Saints all-time reception list.

Roman Harper’s INT brings his Saints career total to 5 entering him into a 14-way tie for 42nd place that includes current Saints J Vilma, J Greer and P Robinson. The Saints rracked up 5 sacks on Phillip Rivers, one each for Will Smith, Martez Wilson, Junior Galette, Cam Jordan and Curtis Lofton who recorded his first sack as a Saint placing him in a 31-way tie at 100th place on the list of 134 players. Roman Harper’s (439) 6 tackles displaced Brett Maxie (438) from 7th place on the Saints career tackles list. Two more tackles will move him into 6th past Sammy Knight (440). Darren Sproles (7960) took 8th place from Desmond Howard (7959) on the NFL’s career KR yardage list. 1151 more yards and he will displace mario Bates from 7th place.


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