Make Loki a Glasshole

Apr 30, 2013 by

Google Glass PrototypeGoogle Glass. It’s nifty. It’s stupid. It’s revolutionary. It’s a no-starter. Etc, etc.

The near wearable computer elicits very strong pro and con reactions as more people hear about it. I’m one of the lucky ones. You see I got picked to be a “Glass Explorer”. This means that I get to be one of .003% of the public to give Glass a test drive, an idea that has immense appeal for an media maker like me. The down side is expense. The unit itself is going to run $1500 and then there is the trip up to Google Offices in NYC to get it and get trained.

So I dove into the wonderful world of crowd funding. The IndieGoGo campaign has now raised enough for the Glass unit itself. If I can raise about $200 more (bringing it to the $1800 mark) I’ve got matching funds promised from two sources that will cover the fees and travel expense.

So, I’ve got just over two days and roughly $200 to raise. That is nail biting territory, I’ll admit. Of course I think that I should be one fo the people top get my mitts on one before they hit the market. I’m greedy that way. Of course I also have planned on how to use them to get some really fun interviews adn inside looks at New Orleans places and traditions. Despite the title of this post I do not intend to become a “Glasshole” although I do intent to explore and take notes on how people react to me while I am wearing them.

So, while I don’t make a habit of asking for things you all know that the stuff I produce with Glass will all end up here on HumidCity first.

Consider this an internet based tip jar. New Orleans through Google Glass on IndieGoGo

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