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NOLA Time Fest 2013Journey into the Time Vortex, and Celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who! Brought to you by the joint efforts of New Orleans’ own
The Consortium of Genius and Krewe du Who!

For many of us growing up in New Orleans the memories of catching Tom Baker on Channel 12 are a backbeat to our younger years. For those of us growing up in the ’70s and 80s there are memories of Panopticon and the Companions of Dr. Who fan club that met in the downtown library. While the program itself does not have a direct connection to New Orleans, the fandom around it in the Crescent City brings their own unique spin to things.

Now, as Doctor Who sees its 50th Anniversary loom this coming November, the current ranks of that fandom can be seen marching in costume during Mardi Gras. They can be found doing gender swapped cosplay in Audubon Park, or at any number of conventions and events across the Gulf Coast area.

To celebrate the Golden Anniversary the Krewe du Who has joined forces with New Orleans’ premiere mad scientist rock band, the Consortium of Genius to present:

NOLA Time Fest 2013 Materializing Again, for the First Time!

June 29, 2013 2PM – 9PM

Jefferson Orleans North
2600 Edenborn Ave, Metairie, LA 70002 [Map]

$15 / All Ages (with adult supervision) [Buy Tickets]

HumidCity is co-sponsoring this event because I have resolved that we need to provide more coverage to geek culture in NOLA. As a pro blogger and an RPG designer I consider it an oversight that I will personally rectify by covering the beat myself.

So let’s take a quick look at what is set up so far.

The Sartorial Arts of Gallifrey – Workshop on Whovian costume making and cosplay.

A View Through The Vortex – Panel on the past, present and future of Doctor Who.

Time Toys and Comics, Collecting Collectibles – Raconteur DC Harbold of More Fun Comics and Clockwork Elvis brings us down to Earth with his specialty.

The Robes of Rassilon Costume Contest -Hosted by Margali Morwentari, Sorceress-at-Large, Wicked Wit[ch] and erstwhile host of Thriller Theatre.

Sonic Screwdriver Sock Hop – Musical guest the Consortium of Genius will be breaking out their Time Door and entering the Vortex unshielded! Special guest performance by KdW’s own tin-dog, K-9 who will break it down Cyber-style with Drumbot!

MEANWHILE Moving on a parallel time track:

Time Corridor Hall – Costume awards throughout the event presented by Loki from HumidCity.com! (That would be me.)

Doctor Who Pinball Tournament – Hosted by Greg Garner, gamers will test their skills on the vintage Bally Doctor Who pinball game machine!

Prom Pictures from Skaro – Get a Whovian portrait! From Bad Wolf Bay to Metebelis 3 a wide array of destinations await!

Shoot the Daleks Extermination Booth – Take your best aim at the Scourge of Scaro, before Time runs out!

Dealers in Temporal Antiquities – Local dealers shall entice you with their selection of fine merchandise from across time, space, and the parish line!

Since almost all HumidCity sponsored projects have a charity element to them I feel I must point out that 50% of the funds raised at the Shoot The adaleks booth will go directly to Camp Challenge, a grass roots non-profit organization whose mission is to enrich the lives of young hematology/oncology patients includung, but not limited to, cancer and sickle cell disorders, their siblings and survivors by creating a week-long camping experience at no cost.

So, whose fault is all this?

Krewe du Who, Nola Time Fest Co-producers

Hailing from across the Louisiana Gulf South, Krewe du Who is a community of Doctor Who fans young and young at hearts. They are a diverse group, bound together by their passion for Doctor Who. They embrace the New Series, Classic Series, Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish Audio Dramas and all things Doctor Who related.

So here is my interview with the Krewe du Who from last year’s New Orleans Comic Con:

The Consortium of Genius, Nola Time Fest Co-producers and MASTERS of Musical Mayhem

NOLA Time Fest’s dance will be MASTER-fully conducted by the Consortium of Genius, a cabal of Time Traveling mad DOCTORS, WHO, with their robot drummer, have made it their goal to rock the universe to its knees! As evidence that their hearts are in the right place(s), here is a sample of the sound they will radiate at 7pm on Saturday, June 29th.

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HumidCity is proud to co-sponsor this shindig along with:

More Fun Comics+1 Gaming5 Stones Media

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