Wild Bill is a Glasshole

Aug 31, 2013 by

View From The StageWild Bill Dykes, perfect name for a performer during Decadence weekend isn’t it? But to those who know this demented soul it is a whole different story.

Bill is a manic comedian inn the best vein – insightful, vicious when warranted, and possessed of a wealth of empirical experience with which to fuel his rants. He is also the next collaborator in our ongoing #ProjectGlass.

Wild Bill will be wearing Google Glass during this evening’s show and getting the comic’s eye view of a comedy show in New Orleans! Here is a little teaser video we shot just now up at Cafe Luna.

The show will be at 10:00 pm at La Nuit Comedy Theater and will feature special guests include Travis Elkins and possibly a very special return to the stage by an old NOLA comedy veteran.

Tickets are $10.
Showtime 10 pm.
Fun Quotient 10.
Come be a part of comedy history!

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