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Saints LogoYeah, OK, I’m not superstitious. Or even mildly stitious. But in the Saints 2009 run to the Superbowl Championship we played our division rivals twice and the Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Rams, Patriots, Cowboys. And we started 3-0. And we beat the Cardinals in the playoffs.

Well, here we are at 3-0 and this year our schedule again consists of our division rivals twice and the Bills, Jets, Dolphins, Rams, Patriots, Cowboys, and we beat the Cardinals today… And both years we played the Bills then Jets back to back; in 2009 before the bye week and this season after the bye. The only difference between then and now? In 2009 we played the NFC East, this year it’s the NFC West

Not saying anythin’… just sayin’…

New Orleans, Kansas City, Seattle, New England, Denver and Miami are all undefeated and here comes Miami on Monday Night Football; the only matchup of undefeated teams this week! The Saints have gone 4-0 only three other times under Sean Payton in ’09, and Jim Mora in 1991 and ’93.

Saints have only met Miami 10 times since 1970 and trail the series 4-6. Last meeting under Payton was a 46-34 roller-coaster, comeback victory in 2009.

Monday night will be Jimmy Graham’s 50th game as a Saint! Two TDs added 12 points to his franchise scoring (174 points-18th) and moved him into a tie with Chuck Muncie, jumping over Henry Childs (168) and Tom Dempsey (169) in the process. A TD tonight ties him for 17th with Wayne Wilson. On the franchise TD list, Graham (29-12th) edged past Childs and Muncie and is also one TD away from tying Wilson for 11th place. Graham (29-7th) also moved past Childs (27) on the franchise receiving TD list. Graham made 9 catches (241-12th) and swapped spots with Deuce McAllister on the franchise receiving list. He’s now just 4 away from Devery Henderson (245). Graham also added 134 yards (3006-10th) to his franchise total, reeling in his 3000th yard late in the 4Q!

Robert Meachem added a TD to his franchise scoring (156 pts-22nd) and takes Graham’s old spot ahead of Quinn Early (150 pts). Meachem (26-15th) swapped spots with Early on the franchise TD list and moved past (24-9th) Donte Stalworth (23) in receiving TDs.

Marques Colston (7596-3rd) is now just 27 yards away from dropping Joe Horn (7622) down a peg on the franchise receiving list.

Garrett Hartley (141-4th) is just 4 extra points away from taking Doug Brien’s (144) 3rd place spot on the franchise XP list, his first hajor hurdle to catching Morten Andersen.

Drew Brees is 33 attempts (4467-1st) away from number 4500, 9 completions (2991-1st) away from 3000, and 408 yards (34,592-1st) away from 35,000! His 7-yard TD to Jimmy Graham in the 4Q was his 250th as a Saint. (Yes, first place there too, 130 more than Archie and 27.11% of all franchise passing TDs!) The second of Drew’s four sacks (152-3rd) was his 150th but he’s still far from Aaron Brooks (209)!!

Career-wise, Brees (6276-9th) passed Kerry Collins (6261) for 9th place all-time in attempts and is just 8 completions (4116-5th) away from dropping John Elway (4123) down a spot. He’s 64 yards (46,940-7th) shy of taking 6th place from Fran Tarkenton (47,003) and 60 yards shy of throwing his 47,000th yard! He also gained a TD (330-6th) on Tom Brady (339) closing the gap to just 9!

Oh, and I’m pretty sure he’s curing cancer on his days off!

Khiry Robinson saw his first action as a running back and led the team with 4 carries (142nd) for 38 yards (119th) in the dead-time drive against a tired Arizona defense. I hope we see him earlier against Miami because dead-time or not, he hit the line like a sumbitch and didn’t stop for autographs!! Welcome to the show, Khiry!

Darren Sproles had 3 carries (153-40th) moving him out of his tie with Troy Davis (153) for 17 yards (912-25th) which moved him past Fred McAfee (897). Sproles is now 4 carries away from Vaughn Dunbar (157) and 5 away from Tom Barrington (158). Sproles also had four catches (177-19th) and swapped spots with Torrance Small (176) leaving him 2 away from Wayne Wilson. The 39 yards (1540-33rd) on those catches flipped him with Wilson (1517) and puts him 29 yards away from ‘Fast’ Willie Jackson.

I’m cold, wet and pissed off at the Steelers, SO LET’S GEAUX FRY SOME FISH!!!!
-M Styborski

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