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Saints LogoThe Saints are undefeated in week four of the 2013 NFL season and that trend may just continue. New Orleans has only gone 5-0 in three previous seasons; 1991 and 1993 under Jim Mora and 2009 under Sean Payton, (on their way to a 13-0 start and eventual League Championship…) But on the way there the Saints head to Chicago to face a cold, miserable, ugly climate. And the weather might be bad too! New Orleans trails the series with the Bears 12-13 and Sean Payton is 1-2 against with both losses coming at Soldier Field. A win today would set both records even but can the Saints beat the “Terrors of the Midway”?

Nobody thought the Detroit Lions could but last week they knocked the Bears off their undefeated marble pedestal. Did I say marble? Sorry, I meant cheap plaster over Chinese drywall. While the “undefeated” Bears had three wins going into W04, those victories came against the Bengals (2-2), Vikings (1-3) and Steelers (0-4). Not exactly post-season-bound teams at this point. And the Lions are essentially the Saints with less passing, less defense and a running game. It might be closer than my call, but as long as the Saints ignore the roar of the weather and the smell of the crowd and handle their business I think they can bring home a 41-26 victory. Then we can all switch back to WDSU for non-stop, 24-hour scare-coverage of tropical shower Karen.

As an added bonus for this weeks post, here’s some Saints filk…

(To the tune of Iko-Iko. Pick your favorite version and just cram in your favorite verses!)
Who Dat? Who Dat!
Who Dat? We Dat all day!
Black-N-Gold feeno ahn ah nay,
Saintomo feenah nay!

My grandma and your grandma
Listenin’ on the wire
My grandma told yo’ grandma
“Gonna set your team on fire!”

Talking ‘bout Who Dat? (Who Dat!) Who Dat? (Who Dat!)
Who Dat? We Dat all day!
Black-N-Gold feeno ahn ah nay,
Saintomo feenah nay!

Look at my team in Black an’ Gold
Who Dat? We Dat all day!
I betcha fi’ dollar we stop you cold
Saintomo feenah nay!


My offense and your defense
Sitting on the goal line
My offense beats your defense
‘Cause you can’t stop our O-line


See that man in the forty-three
Who Dat? We Dat all day!
Your end zone’s where he gonna be
Saintomo feenah nay!


See your offense on the bench
Who Dat? We Dat all day!
Our defense is yo’ monkey wrench
Saintomo feenah nay!


See them refs all runnin’ ‘round
Who Dat? We Dat all day!
Yella flags gonna keep you down
Saintomo feenah nay!


We going up to Ol’ Chi-town
Who Dat? We Dat all day!
We gonna win, ‘bout to mess around
Saintomo feenah nay!


And now… on with the statistical frippery:

Drew Brees
Essentially owns 23.275% of all franchise passing and he did it in just six years and four games By the end of this season he should have that up to 25%. Here are the numbers:
Franchise attempts (4506-1st, 20% of all franchise attempts)
Franchise completions (3021-1st, 23%)
Franchise yards (35,005-1st, 23%)
Franchise passing TDs (254-1st, 27%)
Brees has 1434 passing yards in just four games and is on pace for a 5700 yard season!

As far as his career numbers, Brees’ career completions (4146-4th) eclipsed John Elway (4123) but he needs 821 more to catch Dan Marino (4967). He also closed the career TD gap to 7 between himself (334-6th) and Tom Brady (342-5th). Fran Tarkenton (342-4th) should be reduced to sixth place by both in just a few weeks.

In career yards Brees (47,353-6th, 13 years) slipped past Fran Tarkenton and is now just 1972 yards away from Warren Moon (49,325)! And yes, if you’re doing the math, Brees needs just 2,647 yards for his 50,000th yard; something only John Elway (51,475, 16 years), Peyton Manning (60,957, 16 years), Dan Marino (61,361 17 years) and Brett Favre (71,838, 20 years) have done. Only Manning is active in the Top 5 but his 13,000 yard lead comes with three extra seasons and while he’s currently having a year to remember, he has yet to face a decent NFL defense.

Marques Colston
Adding 96 yards on 7 catches against Miami, Colston (7692-2nd) dropped Joe Horn into 3rd place on the franchise receiving yards list and now sits just 162 yards behnd Eric Martin (7854). This is the last major receiving record that Colston needs to take the drivers seat as the Saints most productive receiver of all time.

Jimmy Graham
Jumped Chuck Muncie (174) and Wayne Wilson (180) in franchise scoring (186-17th) and is now just one TD away from Rich Szaro (191-16th). Also jumped Muncie (29) and Wilson (30) in franchise TDs (31-11th). Graham (245-11th) only tied Devery Henderson on the franchise reception list.

Pierre Thomas
So far virtually invisible in the run game, Thomas (1838-22nd) passed Floyd Turner (1808) in franchise receiving yards.

Khiry Robinson
Well, we got our wish for early Khiry against Miami and while he didn’t quite thrill us, he didn’t stink up the joint either. Robinson led the team in carries (12) and rushing yards (37) which ain’t saying much considering he, Brees, Thomas and Sproles combined for just 68 yards on 24 attempts. If our running game were a horse it would be glue by now.

Despite a lack of dazzle, Robinson did do some moving on the Saints career rushing lists: In two games Robinson has 12 attempts (106th of 200) and 75 yards (97th of 220). Yep, he’s already passed up half the Saints who’ve ever carried the ball; a clear statement on the Saints first 40 years of rushing than anything else!

Darren Sproles
Tied Benny Ricardo in franchise scoring (124-31st) and is now one TD from jumping into 26th ahead of Devery Henderson, Mario Bates and Hoby Brenner. Leapfrogs out of his tie with Ricky Williams, Torrance Small and Archie Maning (18 each) in franchise TDs (20-23rd). Passed Wayne Wilson and Wes Chandler on the franchise reception list (184-17th) and was last weeks leading receiver (7 for 114) edging past ‘Fast’ Wille Jackson (1569) and John Tice (1603) in receiving yards (1654-31st). Also broke out of his tie with Floyd Turner, Dalton Hilliard and Wayne Wilson (14 each) and into a tie with John Tice and Wes Chandler in franchise receiving TDs (15-15th). In the NFL, Sproles moved ahead of Kevin Williams in career combined return yards (9637-8th) and is 363 yards away from his 10,000th combined return yard!

Garrett Hartley
Moved ahead of Doug Brien (144) in franchise XPs (145-3rd) and is now 119 XPs behind John Carney (264).

Ben Watson
Became 305th Saint to score a point, 269th Saint to score a TD and 139th Saint to catch a TD pass.

Nick Toon
Became the 281st Saint to catch a pass.

Jabari Greer
Woke up early and intercepted Ryan Tannehill moving him into a 16th place tie with Darren Sharper, Jay Bellamy, Jimmy Spencer, Bivian Lee and Delles Howell all with 9 INTs. Greer (208-18th) needs two tackles to pass Renaldo Turnbull.

Junior Gallette (12.5-22nd) and Cameron Jordan (12-24th, tied with Derland Moore, Vaughan Johnson and Brian Young) continue their franchise sack race. So far this season Jordan leads Gallette 3 to 4.

Tyrunn Walker
Became 254th Saint to make a tackle and 139th Saint to sack a QB.

Chris Carr
Became 255th Saint to make a tackle and 179th Saint to intercept a ball.

Geaux Saints!

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