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Saints LogoDid I say 41-26? Yeah, well, The Machine is a bit glitchy at the start of the season but it’s still a win! So much for the Bears. The Saints remain the only undefeated team in the NFC while the AFC boasts the Kansas City Chiefs (combined opponents 7-19) and Denver Broncos (combined opponents 9-17). KC hosts the 2-3 Raiders today while Denver hosts the 0-5 Jaguars so expect both paper tigers to continue their amazing winning streaks alive.

The Saints face another road game this week against the 4-1 New England Patriots. The Pats were stunned mentally and physically by the freaking Cincinnati Bengals last week who put up 162 ground yards in a 13-6 snoozefest. While the Saints probably won’t come close to that, it could be our best rushing game this season. Tom Brady was 18/38 for 197 yards, 4 sacks, an interception and zero TDs meaning two things:

1: Drew Brees retains the NFL record for consecutive games with a TD pass. (54)
2: The New England passing game is vulnerable. The freaking Cincinnati Bengals?

The Patriots have beaten the 2-3 Bills, 3-2 Jets, 0-4 Bucs and 1-4 Falcons and lost to the 3-2 Bengals – a combined 9-15 opponent record. The Saints have beaten the Falcons, Bucs, 3-2 Cardinals, 3-2 Dolphins and 4-2 bears, 11-14 combined. While not a massive disparity, the Saints beating slightly better teams and compared to the Broncos and Chiefs, we’re earning those notches in the W column!

Undefeated Bears lose first game then meet the Saints for a second loss in front of a stunned home crowd.
Undefeated Pats lose first game then meet the Saints for a second loss in front of a stunned home crowd… could be!

From the cheap seats:
New Orleans trails the series with New England 4-8 and the last meeting between these teams came in that magical 2009 season when the Saints trounced the Patriots 38-17. Brees had a perfect Passer Rating that game and leads the Brees v Brady series 3-0. The Machine predicts a 21-17 Saints win, but I’m thinking more like…

Saints 33 | Patriots 18

OK, I made that call before reports of Gronk’s return surfaced. so maybe give the Pats 24; maybe 14… Gronk is still not cleared medically and despite their record, New England is in disarray. Free agency destroyed their receiving corps and their only experienced vet, The Gronk, has been on the bench since the season began. His return might be too little too late anyway as Rob Ryan’s Defense, while young, injured and lacking Darren Sharper, may actually outperform our Championship D by the end of the season! Bend but don’t break is back and it’s working that old Black and Gold magic!

And now, because numbers are my life… The Statistical Frippery!!

Franchise Watch:

Mark Ingram:

Spent the night before the Bears game eating sushi in Metairie after the team had already flown to Chicago. Apparently that toe hurts too much to fly or play, but not enough to slide raw fish down his gullet with the hey-brahs! The Stillers need depth at RB, Mark. Just sayin’…

Pierre Thomas:
Scoring (212-13th) passed Reggie Bush (204) and Tony Galbreath (205).
TDs (35-8th) passed Reggie Bush (33) and Tony Galbreath (33).
Rush attempts (674-9th) passed Wayne Wilson (658).
Rushing TDs (26-5th) needs one to tie Tony Galbreath (27)
Rec yds (1893-21st) trades places with Bob Newland (1877)
rec TDs (10-29th) pole-vaults Wesley Walls and Bob Newland (8 each) and Jerome Pathon, Andre Hastings and Irv Smith (9 each) and tied Eugene Goodlow.

Jimmy Graham:
Receptions (255-10th) passed Devery Henderson (245) and Dalton Hilliard (249).
Rec yds (3241-9th) swaps spots with Henry Childs (3224).

Darren Sproles:
Rec yds (1685-29th) moves ahead of Eugene Goodlow (1677) and Jerome Pathon (1682)

D Hawthorne:
140th Saint to sack a QB

Kenny Vaccaro:
141st Saint to sack a QB

NFL Career Watch:

Darren Sproles’ career kick returns (322-9th) ties Kevin Williams.

Peyton Manning (61371-2nd) dropped Dan Marino (61361) a rung on the NFL career passing yards list. Only Brett Favre (71838) stands in his way. Drew Brees (47641) remains in 6th place with three less years on the field than Manning. You do the math. (Oh, OK, I’ll do it for you. Add three 5k yard seasons to Drew and he’s ahead of Peyton by over 1000 yards!)

Tom Brady (341-5th) shot blanks in a dismal loss to the Bengals meaning Drew Brees’ (336-6th) two TDs narrowed the career TD gap to 5! Fran Tarkenton (342-4th) remains unmoved.


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