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It’s the 6-2 Saints vs the 5-4 Cowboys, kids and that means a lesson in manufactured hype! According to the professional sports media Tony Romo is having the best season of his career. FOX8’s Fred Hickman must be a fan as he echoes the pros on the NFL Network.

Me, I don’t see it.

It all began last Monday when the NFL network, owned by the NFL who, as it happens, sets the league television schedule, began a media blitz touting Tony Romo’s phenomenal 2013 season. “Best ever!” and “Unbelieveable!” were safety-pinned to the Cowboys last-minute, 90-yard game winning drive against the Minnesota Vikings. The talking heads wore their finest “WTF?!” faces as they gushed over the accomplishment. It was sad, but expected.

You see, the Cowboys take on the Saints this week on Sunday Night Football. The only broadcast left in the league with a true national exposure. You don’t need cable or satellite or even the web to see it; just turn your dial to NBC and you’re there. And what you’ll probably see is the Saints bitch-slapping a mediocre Dallas team in another lopsided romp. The audience (except Saints fans) will be asleep by halftime so the NFL needs to fill those couches with as many butts as they can in the first quarter to justify their advertising rates. Personally, I think it will be closer than a bitch-slap romp; it usually is. But the NFL is hedging its bets to provoke interest in a game the nation will predict as a lost wheel on the Cowboys conestoga wagon.

Last week’s Cowboys comeback, while somewhat more exciting than rolling a natural 20 in a game of Dungeons and Dragons, came against a lackluster (then) 1-7 Vikings team whose only win came against an even more lackluster 0-3 Steelers a few weeks earlier. That Romo needed to mount a last minute comeback drive at all is telling in itself.

As for Romo’s “best season ever”, aside from the (now) 2-7 Vikings, he’s beaten the 2-6 Giants, 3-6 Rams, 3-6 Redskins and 4-5 Eagles. Please. Aaron Brooks could do that. While he’s throwing more completions (+1%) yards (+71/gm) and slightly more TDs (+.70/gm) this year, wins (-1%), INTs (+.08/gm), and sacks (+.64/gm) are worse compared to his 2004-2012 stats. In other words, Romo is simply going through the motions of yet another mediocre season. His tenth.

Consider: After a rocky 2-2 start, the professional football media were once again falling back on the “Just give him time, he’ll get better!” standard that has followed Romo throughout his career. Once in a while one of them gets tired of playing the game and speaks truth to hype stating, “That is so true for a rookie. How much more time does Romo need?” The truth is, Tomy Romo has about a 55% chance of winning ANY regular season game which might mean something if he wasn’t 1-3 against the Drew Brees led Saints.

While I’d like to think the Saints will paste the Cowboys by a spread equal to the length of the Causeway, I’m realistic enough to know that injuries, our running game and the occasional incomprehensible play call will make this a much closer game than it oughtta be! The Machine says the Saints  26, Cowboys 24 but I’m going unplugged this week and calling it…

Saints: 34
Cowboys: 30


Ze Fripperie Statistiche:
Last week, back-up back-up QB Ryan Griffin became the 835th player to don the Black and Gold.

TE Jimmy Graham (210-13th) jumps Reggie Bush (204) and Tony Galbreath (205) on the franchise scoring list. Graham (35-8th) also jumped Bush and Galbreath (33) on the franchise TD list. He is now tied with Pierre Thomas on both lists. Graham (237-9th) tied Hoby Brenner on the franchise receptions list and is now three away from Quinn Early (270).

Robert Meachem (148-24th) passed Jef Groth (147) on the franchise reception list. Meachem (2411-13th) also passed Michael Haynes (2368) on the franchise receiving yards list.

With a miserable 19 rushing yards, Mark Ingram (1127-22nd) moved agead of Aaron Stecker (1109) on the franchise rushing yards list.

The Sack Race:
Junior Galette
(14.5-19th) retakes the lead over Cameron Jordan (14-20th, t-Charlie Clemmons) with his sack of whoever was lobbing the ball for the Jets last week. Jordan, however, leads Galette this season 6 to 5. Both players sit directly behind the injured Roman Harper (17). Wouldn’t it be nice for Roman to come back and make it a three-legged race? Unfortunately it won’t happen today.


Career Watch:
Drew Brees
(6471-8th) passed Fran Tarkenton (6467) on the NFL’s career attempts list.

Jets return specialist Josh Cribbs (10298-3rd) passed Mel J Gray (10250) on the NFL’s career kick return yards list. Cribbs and Darren Sproles are the only active returners in the NFL’s top 10 playground. Cribbs (598-9th) leads Sproles (509-13th) in combined returns and in combined return yards, (12506-5th) to (9801-8th).

-M Styborski

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