Shiver, Jackie, Shiver

Dec 11, 2013 by

I originally had not planned to cover the upcoming municipal elections. Watching Mayor Small Stuff waltz to victory ain’t my idea of a good time. But the qualifying period has warmed the cockles of my icy blue heart: Kristin Palmer dropped out and the woman I call the Queen of Hearts-Jackie Clarkson-has dropped in. The post title was inspired by this photo taken by the estimable Gambit editor, crazy catdaddy, and all around dandy, Kevin Allman:


Adding to the comedic potential of this election cycle is the umpteenth comeback of Cynthia Windy-Lewis who is trying to rejoin the council. And what’s a NOLA election cycle without a bit of hypocrisy and backstabbing? Windy-Lewis endorsed her opponent James Gray when he ran for the seat and Mayor Mitch still claims to be CWL’s BFF despite endorsing the man in Gray.  All in all, a welcome development for satirists. Thanks, y’all.

That is all.

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