Artists POV: Stanton Moore

Dec 16, 2013 by

Last Friday night at Tipitina’s Dragon Smoke took the stage and Stanton Moore recorded it through Google Glass for us.

For those unfamiliar with the group, Dragon Smoke is a great example of a New Orleans Jazz Fest tradition: the Superjam. The “Superjam” idea is to put together a band of people who don’t normally play together and see what happens. In this case the talent in question consists of Eric Lindell on Vocals/guitar, Ivan Neville on Vocals/keyboards, Stanton Moore on drums, and Robert Mercurio playing bass.

Since their first gig at the Dragon’s Den they’ve played every Jazz Fest since 2003, and it’s always been one hell of a show. Now you get to see it from the drummer’s seat!

Many thanks to Stanton Moore, Tipitina’s music club (love ya, Nancy!), and the rest of the guys in Dragon Smoke for being a part of the series! Coming up next, and in a mere few days, a full twenty minute segment from the Spirit of New Orleans Drum Camp taught by Stanton Moore. It’s been a percussive week, we hope you enjoy the results!

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