In The Bagneris?

Dec 16, 2013 by

I wasted some time last Friday trying to figure out how closely related newly resigned Judge and newly minted Mayoral candidate Michael Bagneris is to NOLA theatrical legend Vernel Bagneris. Both Google and Twitter failed me so all I know is that they’re not brothers but are probably related. So much for calling the post One Mo Time after Vernel’s hit play. Vernel Bagneris does, however, play a judge on Treme, so maybe he borrowed some robes from Michael. Ya never know: show folks are cheap.

Now that I’ve wasted your time on the possible consanquinity of the Bagneri, let’s talk Mayoral politics. Local pundits and political junkies were wetting themselves about the Bagnerian entrance into the race. I’m high and dry on this issue. While I’m pleased that Mayor Mitch has a stronger opponent than noted windbag Danatus King, I’m not sure how major a candidate Judge Bagneris is. You and I may not love his Mitchness, but his favorables are very high and his approval rating is too. I’m also uncertain how well-known Judge B is to the general public. He does, however, come from a large family so at least they’ll vote for him.

Absent a series of enormous gaffes from Mitch and pots of money flowing to the challenger, it’s hard to see him doing well enough to force Hizzhonor into a run-off or even into breaking a  sweat given what a cold winter it’s been thus far.

The other good news from the final day of qualifying was the return of Manny Chevrolet Bruno to the ring. Bruno is a perennial candidate whose most noteworthy slogan was A Troubled Man For Troubled Times. Welcome back, Manny.

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