One is the Mitchiest Number

Dec 17, 2013 by

I know it’s ironic to quote a tune from Hair in regard to the first Landrieu re-election campaign teevee ad, Pressing On. Mitch hasn’t got much in the way of hair now that he’s abandoned the chia pet look he used to sport. But at least he doesn’t wax and buff his dome like his predecessor. No surprise there: he’s the anti-Nagin, which is one reason his poll ratings remain so high.

I was on the Tweeter Tube when the ad came on during the Saints-Rams fiasco and it drew virtual catcalls, hoots, and derisive comments from the twitterati. Snark is, of course, the essence of Twitter. I think the ad is hokey but effective in playing on the whole phoenix rising from the ashes of Katrina and the Federal Flood thing:

The ad is corny, but corn and uplift sell; especially when there’s a gospel choir belting out the last stanza of a Dylan song. That’s right, Mitch is using a Bob Dylan tune to sell his message of a city reborn as opposed to rebirthed; he’d have had to hire a certain brass band for that. Just imagine some of the other possibilities: Like A Rolling Mitch, Knocking On Moon’s Door, or that all time favorite, Stuck Inside of Broadmoor with the Landrieu Blues Again

I found the ad a bit less icky than most of the folks on my twitter feed ,but the whole “One Team. One Voice. One Fight. One City.” thing did make me wanna search for a barf bag. At least they skipped One Love, which means that the Marleys won’t sue the Mitchsters like they’re suing a certain chicken eatery…

Although I think the ad is fairly effective for what it is, it would be advisable to not run it 7 gazillion times. The opening footage of flooded streets after the Thing could come off as crassly exploitative if shown over and over again. Of course, crass is what politicians do best.

I’ll give Aimee Mann the last word. Why? Because I can, that’s why. Besides, one *is* the Mitchiest number:

Update: It’s been pointed out to me on Twitter that I’ve conflated One with Easy To Be Hard. It’s true but I like the opening passage too much to be pedantic. So it stays.

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