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Saints LogoLast Episode…
…two steps back. It’s a short one, folks, as I’m not in the mood.

Saints 22 – 392 yards: 292 passing, 100 rushing
Actual 16 – 454 yards: 393 passing, 61 rushing
Rams 18 – 335 yards: 222 passing, 113 rushing
Actual 27 – 302 yards: 158 passing, 144 rushing

Does that even make sense? I have no words to express that miserable showing. Payton might as well have stayed in fucking Texas if this is going to be the outcome every other week. Jim Mora’s been hanging around town for no reason other than his weekly babble segment on WDSU; we could put him back in charge for a quarter of the cost and still get these results! Fuck!

Week 16
I haven’t even looked at the numbers. And I’m not going to. From what I remember two weeks ago, the Saints held a bare minimum edge over the Panthers this season so you can put both teams right about even now. We’re on their turf, literally, so that swings the game their way, however you saw what the humiliation at the hands of the Seahawks did for us. By all rights I should call it for the Panthers but I think considering last week they’re in for another bitchslap.

Saints 38
Panthers 30

And if we lose? Well, I guess that will prove the problem wasn’t Hartley. Or anyone else on the field. Anyone in bounds, anyway.

Department of Abject Stupidity:
Garrett Hartley is gone. The general consensus is that Hartley was made an example of for the rest of the team. Brilliant example of rule by fear on Payton’s part. Now we’ll have a dozen players on the field trying too hard and making the same mistakes except more costly. Sorry, Sean, but W15 with huge stakes and playoffs in the future is not the correct time to fire any player, but a kicker especially. And for a guy whose best years are behind him, who’s been bounced around a dozen teams in the last five years and whose numbers are only 4% better then Hartley? You’ve got to be kidding me.

The overall feeling is that Hartley was kicked, pardon the pun, not because he was stinking up the joint, but for other egregious reasons we’ll never know. Here are the rumours. They start weird and get stupid from there.

-Payton is just trying to put a little scare into Hartley, who will miraculously be re-signed Sunday morning for the Panthers game.
-Hartley has off-field, personal issues which he cannot control that were affecting his game.
-Hartley was among dissenters in the locker room about the way the team was being run.
-Hartley was messing around with somebody baby-mama.
-Payton found out Hartley dropped the dime on the bounty program.

About the only rumour I put stock in would be off-field issues and if that”s the case it’s a goddamn shame. One would think a “team” would rally around a team-mate in an hour of need rather than kick him to the curb. (Oh, I did it again!) Otherwise the penalty and timing simply cannot be resolved in a simple equation.

So, here we go with Shayne Graham. Welcome to the team, good luck and watch your back in the locker room, brother!

Department of Statistical Frippery:
Pierre Thomas (762-7th) passed Tony Galbreath (760) on the franchise rushing attempt list. Thomas (276-9th) also passed Quinn Early (270) on the franchise receptions list. Pierre (2230-17th) jumped Torrance Small (2180) and Tony Galbreath (2221) on the franchise receiving yards list.

Mark Ingram (1360-17th) passed Hokie Gaijan (1358) on the franchise rushing yards list.

Marques Colston (597-1st) needs 3 receptions for #600!

Defense No sacks, no INT’s… sigh…


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