A Stanton Moore Drum Lesson From HumidCity

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Thanks to a happenstance connection when I was following up on a press release about something else entirely I managed to create a treat for the percussion minded among our readers.

MusoEntertainment sponsored the Spirit of New Orleans Drum Camp featuring Stanton Moore and they were kind enough to let us become part of the proceedings. Our New Year’s gift to you from HumidCity is a 20 minute drum lesson filmed from Stanton’s perspective through Google Glass.

Learn about:

  • What to do with your snare drum for a second line sound
  • The iPhone as a muting device
  • What it looks like to Stanton when he goes off on a nine minute jam
  • What it was like taking lessons from Johnny Vidacovich

{If you are a fan, or just dig what you see here, consider supporting Stanton’s IndieGoGo campaign in raising money to record a new jazz album!}

Many thanks to MusoEntertainment and Stanton Moore for participating with such vigor and panache!

Thanks Elizabeth!

Thanks Elizabeth!

Stanton Moore

Stanton Moore

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