Artists POV: Ryan Ballard of Chewbacchus

Feb 2, 2014 by

Ryan Ballard

Ryan Ballard

Time for another dose of the New Orleans perspective. This time we put the Google Glass on Ryan Ballard, Space Commander Chewbaccacabra, of the Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus.  (For those unfamiliar this is a science fiction themed Carnival parade.)

This year the ante is going up, again, as they prepare a giant alligator mech that breathes plumes of fire.

As the next installment in our Artists POV series allow me to present a sneak preview of the great beast as it is constructed, narrated by the mad maker/artist whose fevered imagination is bringing it to life.

Keep your eyes open, there is a huge amount of new stuff coming down the pipe over the next few weeks. Between Mardi Gras and Comic Con the site will be buzzing!

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