Neal Adams at More Fun Comics and a Stan Lee Soundbite!

Feb 7, 2014 by

It’s that time of year again! Comic Con New Orleans is upon us! As we wait for the doors to open late this afternoon lets kick off this year’s coverage early.

Yesterday afternoon Neal Adams did an advance signing at More Fun Comics and I recorded the Q&A portion through my Google Glass. (This is sort of a test run on the new version of the hardware which just came in.) The man is a true raconteur and has tons of amazing stories. Learn a little about how he got his start, what it was like being a military kid in Germany during the post WWII rebuild, and more! It starts off with some of the chit chat beforehand and includes a good bit of NSFW language.

Next up is the surviving portion of an audio interview I did with Stan Lee. He only had about ten minutes on the phone, but due to technical difficulties only the first two minutes survived. Here is that little segment and the two questions that it contains.

So there we go, a little something geeky to get things started! Check back for more over the course of the weekend!