Comic Con Under Glass

Feb 13, 2014 by

Here we go, kids, the New Orleans Comic Con coverage has arrived! Three days of shooting video and interviews through Google Glass is now available for your viewing pleasure. Here is the complete series of episodes, if you enjoy them please share them!

First up are interviews with Artist Eric Hutchinson of Inbeon Studios and Manu Bennet (Azog the White Orc in The Hobbit and Slade Wilson in Arrow).

Magic: The Gathering Artist Jeff Meges talks about the 20th Anniversary of the game and the celebratory book about it. We also interview a few cosplayers.

The next episode covers Tabletop Gaming, Cosplay, and an interview with comic legacy Joel Adams (son of Neal Adams).

In this episode Loki talks to one of he hosts of local radio show The Week In Geek (WGSO). Then we share a demonstration of Zero Point 3D's human scanning setup as they make custom miniatures of local cosplayers.

Next up we look at two groups that give back to the community: worldwide Star Wars reenactment groupThe 501st Legion and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Time to look at local. LARPing in the World of Darkness setting with NO Last call and an interview with Josh Adams (Neal Adams' other son).

Now for some purely local focus we talk to the Krewe du Who and Orion's Envy

Web series The Adventures of Keith Flippen is the focus of this episode,a long with a segment about Sci-Fi Speed Dating.

The Terminator episode! Loki interviews Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor) with the Skynet tech. We also talk to the Krewe of Chewbacchus as they prep for Carnival.

many Comics fans don't realize that legendary writer Marv Wolfman is a computer geek from way back when. In this episode I let him test drive GoogleGglass and talk about the technology.