NOLA Whovians: Time Fest II Looms!

May 14, 2014 by


I am very happy to announce HumidCity’s sponsorship of NOLA Time Fest II, an event I helped launch last year. It’s been a while since we sponsored a show, and we roll into our ninth year online I am hoping to do more of it through the course of 2014.

Produced by my often times collaborators in the Consortium of Genius and the Krewe du Who this Doctor Who oriented event draws on the rich traditions of New Orleans based fandom and costuming while presenting an array of vendors and activities from across space and time. From Doctor Who pinball tournaments to Shoot a Dalek for Charity we filled the day with the type of geeky fun that only NOLA fandom can produce. Last year we had a blast, selling out in a matter of hours to a crowd that all left with smiles. cementing our decision that this needed to become an annual event.

Now it is one year later. William Hurt has donned the mantle of The Doctor. We’ve seen Paul McGann regenerate. We survived the cosplay bar crawl. Time to do it again, just bigger and more fun.

Here, let the filth of Skaro fill you in a bit on what in store this coming June 7th.  At the very least you can watch a local musician/comic shop owner get offed by the daleks…

No need to contact Dorium Maldovar, you can easily procure tickets in advance without needing to plumb those social depths. (Besides, last year we sold out by about lunchtime so grabbing them in advance is probably wise.)

It’s great to be working with Consortium of Genius and Krewe du Who on this, and a pleasure to be joining 5 Stones Media in manning the virtual bullhorns! We had a fantastic time with the first one, now it’s time to up the ante!