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Saints LogoThe New Orleans Saints enter 2014 at 317-400-5. Yeah, that’s a little sad but sadder still are the Atlanta Falcons at 316-414-6. They’ve been in the NFL a whole season longer than us and that season is essentially all losses! In the regular season series, New Orleans trails 43-46, but SPE –that’s Sean Payton Era for you tourists– the Saints lead 13-3 by a combined score of 416-315 which is essentially a 6-point advantage per game. So all that hype you hear last week about the “21-20 average score”… take it with a grain of salt. Of course, so should this opening paragraph as the only number that matters today is whether we’re 1-0 at 3:01pm, and I think we will be.

We haven’t really seen anything in the pre-season but Sean Paytons penchant for head games. “Injuries” sidelined some players. Others, while giving it their all, were doing so in some pretty basic plays. Today is when the weirdness starts, including a rumoured 10-safety blitz package where Curtis Lofton drops into coverage and everyone else drags Matt Ryan into the locker room and beats him with a bag of oranges. I can’t wait for that.

On paper the outcome should be a Saints win, 35-24, but as we all know, this match-up never goes according to plan. Being in Atlanta you have to assume that a few Falcons have some ridiculous notion of pride or talent and will likely try to play accordingly, so let’s just call it at

Saints: 28

Falcons: 22

And now for the numerical frippery…

Drew Brees (4990) needs 10 passing attempts for his 5000th as a Saint and just 267 passing yards for #39,000! Brees (6799) is 24 attempts away from a 5th place tie with Warren Moon (6823) on the NFL all-time attempts list. He’s 394 yards away from a 4th place tie with John Elway (51475) on the NFL all-time passing yards list. Were I the type of person to “tole ya so,” I’d mention that Tom Brady, with one additional year in the league over Drew, trails him in attempts, completions, yards and touchdowns, but I’m not that kind of a guy, really…

Pierre Thomas needs one rushing TD to tie Tony Galbreath (27) for 4th place and 2 receptions away from an 8th place tie with Galbreath (284) on the receptions list. Thomas is one TD from a 7th place tie with Lance Moore (39-sitting out with the Steelers today) for Saints career TDs.

Mark Ingram needs 2 rushing attempts to pass Archie Manning (357) for 17th place.

Jimmy Graham is 8 receptions away from tying Danny Abramowicz (309) on the Saints all-time receptions list.

Junior Galette and Cameron Jordan are tied for 17th place on the Saints career sack list at 21.5 each. one and a half sacks will tie either player with Mark Fields and Whitney Paul in 15th place. The sack race between these two was one of the most exciting things about last season and it promises to be no different this year!

Marques Colston leads every receiving category. I know YOU know that, but it’s still worth a mention! Currently he stands at 607 receptions, 8337 yards and 63 receiving TDs which is also the team record for total TDs. From here on, everything he does is Sunday Gravy!

 -M Styborski

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