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Saints LogoWelcome to 1-2 for the 19th time!

I’m certain there’s a real and logical reason to start Ben Watson at TE and substitute Josh Hill before alllowing Jimmy Graham to take the field. Just as there was a real and logical reason to disallow Drew Brees from chucking a 7-yard pass to continue his 10-game home streak of 300-yard games. With an 11-point lead and under two minutes to play, at home, sticking to the ground shows just how scared Sean Payton is of his own team. I’m also certain that Vicodin is a healthy breakfast treat.

Despite the bluster of local PR flaks/sportscasters that the Saints are fired up and broadcasting waves of pure love and positivity directly from their nucleus amygdalae, the defense continues to miscue and the offense is a slight step above anemic. 20-9 against a Petersonless Vikings team? With a rookie QB? Sheesh! Just enough to cover the spread, huh Sean?

And now for good news/bad news…

The good news is that tonight we get Dallas. The bad news is that DeMarco Murray is on fire this season with 385 rushing yards and 3 TDs in just three games! Don’t let last weeks 59 yard Saints run D fool you; we will give up over 100 again this week. And probably two TDs. The good news is that I have Murray on one of my fantasy teams! The bad news is that Donna will smack me as a traitor every time he scores!

The good news is the Saints pass D has improved. The bad news is it’s all on paper. Per game we’ve given up 445, 202 and 188 through the air which looks like improvement. Unfortunately the last two games were against young QBs barely out of college, and while Tony Romo will never win a championship, he is capable of the occasional flash of luck which makes him dangerous against our special brand of pass rush. The good news is that Romo’s thrown 4 picks and eaten the turf 7 times this season. The bad news is that the Saints have only managed 4 sacks and no INTs this season.

The good news is that Sean Payton just loves kicking Dallas’ ass. While the Saints trail the series 11-15, in the SPE they lead 3-1. The bad news is that The Machine is calling for another ball-shaver with the Saints losing 24-25. The good news is that the vodka is kicking in and I’m going hog wild…

Saints: 32
Cowboys: 24

And as long as I’m in Tito’s Handmade mode, look for the sack race to burst wide open with at least four Romo-booms and our first interception of the 2014 season!

Oh, and Shayne Graham had an XP blocked last week. Shall I dust off the torches and pitchforks for you knee-jerkers?

And now, on with the Numerical Frippery

Drew Brees (39,596-1st) is just 404 yards away from his 40,000th passing yard as a New Orleans Saint! Just 173 yards will put him in 7th place on the NFL’s list of passing yards with one team, ahead of Johnny Unitas (Colts). By the end of this season Brees should also pass Dan Fouts (Chargers) for 6th place. The only other active QB in the top eight is Tom Brady (Patriots) in 5th place with 49,781 yards. Peyton Manning sits in 3rd with 54,828 yards, but all with the Colts. Manning continues his assault on Brett Favre’s career records, though the only one he’ll eclipse this year will be TDs.  Manning is one away from his 500th TD and ten to pass Favre. Unless he breaks a finger…

Khiry Robinson (86-50th) had 18 rushing attempts moving him past Jim Otis (71), Joe Profit (72), Randy Schultz (75), Lorenzo Neal (77), Wilmont Perry (78) and Rod McNeil (83)! He now sits two attempts away from Howard Stevens. Robinson (352-49th) passed Rod McNeil (296), Billy Kilmer (299), Wilmont Perry (302), John Fourcade (302) and Lorenzo Neal (326) in rushing yards and sits three yards away from Tony Lorick (355).

Pierre Thomas (236-13th) needs one score to pass Lance Moore (238). Thomas (39-7th) tied Moore in career Saints TDs. Thomas (791-6th) also passed Chuck Muncie (788) in attempts, tied (27-4th) Tony Galbreath in rushing TDs and sits one behind Chuck Muncie (28). Thomas (294-7th) tied Reggie Bush in receptions.

Brandin Cooks (18-135th) moved up from 158th place in receptions. Cooks (168-138th) also jumped up from 166th place in receiving yards.

Marques Colston (64-1st) added another TD to his resumé. Colston (8472-1st) is just 28 yards shy of 8500 and one TD (64-1st) away from his 65th!

Robert Meachem (161-22nd) is one reception away from Michael Haynes.

Nick Toon was inactive. Again. Imagine what he’ll be like healthy. In 2020.

The Sack Race returns with Junior Galette (23.5-15th) leading Cameron Jordan (22.5-18th), each recording a sack against Minnesota!

Malcolm Jenkins added his second interception of the season which would have given him nine total and put him into a seven-way tie for sixteenth place if he were still on the team. As yet the Saint remain pickless…

Shayne Graham (16-16th) needs one XP to tie Happy Feller (17) and on FG (5-17th) to tie Steve Mike-Meyer.

-M Styborski

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