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Saints LogoRob Ryan did the unexpected and simplified the defense and the results were spectacular! Four sacks and two interceptions? That’s the D we want to see! Offensively, the Championship Saints were back in action! I don’t mean the second-half overkill, nor do I specifically mean the high-octane win. I mean the calm, collected, panic-less, two-minute offense that marched downfield to tie the score at the end of the first half! Where the hell have they been? Strike that; I don’t care! As long as they’re here now–and here to stay–I’m happy!

It’s a short week and I’m a lazy bastard. it’s our 15th stop at 3-4, the Carolina Panthers lead the series 20-18, we’re tied 7-7 in the SPE. The Panthers lead the Saints, and the division, for the next five hours or so by a half-a-game. If you thought last week was going to be a statement game, brother, you ain’t seen nothing yet! And as long as I’ve crawled out on that limb, let me try to reach that farthest leaf at the end of the branch and say

Saints: 36

Panthers: 24

And now for something completely fripperent:

Drew Brees (134-16th) tied Archie Manning and John Tice on the service list with 134 games. So, just to remind those of you who’ve been squawking about Brees recent slump, here’s a handy comparison of passing stats, followed by the percentage of total Saints passing offense:

Attempts: Brees 5285 (22.52%), Manning 3335 (14.21)

Completions: Brees 3561 (26.31%), Manning 1849 (13.66%)

Yards: Brees 40,960 (25.57%), Manning 21,734 (13.57)

Passing TD’s: Brees 297 (30.65%), Manning 115 (11.87)

Intercepted: Brees 131 (14.30%), Manning 156 (17.03%)

Sacked: Brees 186 (12.10%), Manning 340 (22.12%)

Brees is single-handedly responsible for over 25% of all Saints passing, nearly double Maning’s 13%. Of course, it’s an incredibly unfair comparison. In Archie’s day the game was 40/60 pass/run. Today those numbers have inverted to 60/40. And not to take anything away from Drew, but there’s the whole other aspect of the O-line to consider. Elisha Archibald spent 11 years as a Saint, Drew Christopher is just halfway through his ninth, and this is the single most important reason why stats need to be compared using games and not years. Remember that the next time you’re comparing stats at the end of a bar!

Brees (377-4th) tied Tom Brady on the NFL’s all-time passing TD list. Technically, Brees was ahead before the games began, but Brady tied and passed him in his early game and Brees caught back up by the end of the night. However, Brady has a year on Brees in the NFL and sits behind him in TDs/game, 1.98 to 2.13.

C/G Eric Olsen (2011-2013) made a surprise return to the team after a short 2013 stint with the Steelers and spending pre-season this year on the Titans’ practice squad. Welcome back, Eric!

Mark Ingram (90-38th) broke his tie with Floyd Turner, Craig Heyward and Mike Strachan (84) and entered a tie with John Tice and Wes Chandler on the scoring list. Ingram (15-28th) broke and entered the same ties on the TD list as well. His next score will tie him with Dave Parks on both lists. Ingram (1793-15th) now sits just 20 yards behind Craig Heyward (1813) on the rushing yards list! His mind-boggling 172 rushing yards, ranks only fifth in Saints history behind George Rogers (206 v SL, 1983), Reuben Mayes (203 v MIA, 1986), Deuce McAllister (184 v PHI, 2003) and Ricky Williams (179 v CLE, 1999). Ingram’s (15-13th) rushing TD moved him out of a tie with Mike Strachan (14) and one away from Ricky Williams and Wayne Wilson (16 each-11th).

Erik Lorig made it off the sidelines to become the 226th Saint to rush the ball and 286th to catch a pass.

RB Edwin Baker moved up from the practice squad, ending the Great Tom Crabtree Dodge of 2014. It was fun while it lasted. At least for those of you who thought it was for real. Baker is the 853rd Saint to suit up for regular season action.

Jimmy Graham (4298-6th) passed Lance Moore (4281) in receiving yards and sits just 79 yards behind Devery Henderson (4377)!

Kenny Stills (942-50th) cracked the top 50 Saints in receiving yards!

Brandin Cooks (18) two TDs catapulted him from 204th to 125th on the scoring list. Cooks also became only the 96th Saint to rush for a TD. Cooks (372-93rd) also cracked the top 100 in receiving yards!

Nick Toon and Joe Morgan compared i-Pod playlists on the sidelines for most of the game.

Shayne Graham (15-11th) left Garo Yepremian (12) in the dust on the FG list. Graham (29-12th) also untied Martin Gramatica (24) and tied Bill McClard on the XP list.

David Hawthorne (1-t120th) became the 180th Saint to intercept a pass.

Kasim Edebali (2-t87th) became the 144th Saint to sack an opposing QB.

Cameron Jordan (24.5-t15th) moved back into contention in the Sack race, tying Willie Whitehead, but more importantly sitting just beneath Junior Galette (25.5-14th).


-M Styborski

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