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Saints LogoRob Ryan’s simplified schemes are working wonders for the defense, holding Carolina to just 10 points in their own litterbox! On the offense, the absence (due to injury) of RB by Committee has worked wonders for Mark Ingram, which in turn, has helped to congeal the offense into a top caliber unit. For the third straight week both offense and defense are working as a professional football team!

And thank you because here come the San Francisco Forty-Niners who lead the series 47-25-2, a 33.78% record that stands as the 26th worst of our series. However, under Sean Payton (in the regular season) the Saints are 5-0 against the Niners! Our only SPE loss against them came in the post-season, on the road, when–I’m certain you’ll remember–Pierre Thomas was knocked out of the game early by an illegal, uncalled helmet-to-helmet hit.

This is the beginning of a home-stretch of three games which could see the team sitting at 7-4 when they next hit the road at Pittsburgh. Under Sean Payton the regular season Saints are 20-0 in the Louisiana Superdome since 2011! Add in the 2012 season coached by proxies and it’s still a respectable 24-4. If you want, add one win to either stat to include a win over Detroit in the 2011 post-season.

Of course, the Niners were just embarrassed at home by the St Louis Rams. Both Niners and Saints are at 4-4, but just between you and me the Niners are are pretty damned lucky to be there while the Saints were gypped into that record. San Francisco’s ground game has recently withered, posting just 151 yards in their last two games combined! This of course leads to panic passing and, ultimately, defeat. And I know we’re all familiar with that formula!

Don’t get me wrong; it won’t be easy. The Niners D is allowing around 85 rushing yards per game, so you Ingram-o-phobes out there will have a good measure of who your target is today. And other than a 42-point torching by the Broncos three weeks ago, they haven’t allowed more than 23-points this season. And in half of their games they’ve allowed just 17!

But despite the obvious “trap” aspects of this matchup, The Machine calls for a 30-16 Saints romp, but I’m willing to push the envelope, or, at the very least, foment insanity and call it…

Niners: 17

Saints: 36

Are you ready kids? Here comes the Numerical Frippery!!

Drew Brees (135-16th) ties Tommy Myers (136-15th) today on the service list with his 136th game as a Saint! Brees needs just two TDs for #300! Brees (210-27th) passed Earl Campbell (208) and Lamar Smith and Fred McAfee (209) on the rushing attempts list. Brees, (9-19th) in an incredibly uncharacteristic move, untied Chris ivory and Buford Jordan (8) on the rushing TD list, tying Bob Gresham (9).

Jimmy Graham (347-4th) passed Lance Moore (346) on the receptions list. Graham (4381) also passed Devery Henderson (4377) on the receiving yards list.

Mark Ingram (102-36th) moved past Dave Parks (96) and Bill McClard (98) on the points list with two TD’s. He’s now just one score away from tying Ricky Williams and Archie Manning (108-34th). One score would also tie him with Williams, Manning and Torrance Small (18-24th) on the career Saints TD list. Ingram (444-13th) slipped past Craig Heyward (432) on the attempts list. Ingram (1893-14th) also traded with Heyward (1813) on the rushing yards list and sits nine yards behind Mike Strachan (1902). [He’s also 165 yards behind Archie Manning (2058)… I double-dare him to…!!] Ingram (17-10th) passed Ricky Williams and Wayne Wilson (15) and tied Reggie Bush on the rushing TD list. He now sits one behind Archie Manning (18).

Edwyn Baker became the 227th Saint to carry the ball. While his one carry ties him at 198th with 29 other Saints, his two yards rocket him to 189th, past such nigh-forgettable yardage totals as Brian Hansen and Julian Fagan (-23), Ken Stabler and Kenny Duckett (-19), Mark Brunell (-12), Lonzell Hill and Dave Parks (-9), Josh Hill (-8), Luke McCown (-4) and the recently cast-aside Joe Morgan (1).

Nick Toon sat dejectedly on the bench, twiddling his thumbs, staring into the preternatural shadows of the locker-room tunnel for a Joe Morgan who was nowhere to be seen.

Shayne Graham (33-12th) untied Bill McClard on the XP list and is one kick away from Olindo Mare (34).

Corey White (4-t58th) now has two interceptions in as many games. Could this be a trend?

Lastly, the Sack Race continues! Junior Galette (27.5-13th) leads Cameron Jordan (25.5-15th) on the career list and 6-4 on the season! This could certainly be a trend as Colin Kaepernick has eaten the turf 27 times this season. Anything less than four sacks today must be considered a colossal failure. Personally, I’m betting on seven!

-M Styborski

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