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Saints LogoHere we are at 4-5 again, for the 12th time in our history. Only Jim Mora’s 1989 squad pulled a winning season (9-7) out of a sow’s ear start like this. Mora, Payton and Haslett (twice) finished 8-8. And facing Cinci and Baltimore at home, (where, yes, we are vulnerable,) and Pittsburgh on the road in our next three games we could easily find ourselves in danger of another 8-8 finish. Assuming we have the heart and will to beat Carolina, Chicago, Atlanta and Tampa Bay.

Judging by the play-calling and time-management against San Fran, it’s clear that Sean Payton thought the team could simply coast last week. Perhaps he went on another bender, queefing lines out of a teen strippers ass. Who knows. I don’t have a problem with that, really, as long as you can afford it and it doesn’t affect the team. Guess what, Sean?

Perhaps that scenario is far off-base, but since Payton became a free agent for the ladies, you’ll notice that the bro-mance between him and Drew Brees is essentially a thing of the past. Even in our few victories the two seem to keep a noticeable distance from each other on the sidelines. For some folks Family Values are not just mere words to throw around during election campaigns. And again, when one’s personal actions prevent one from doing their job in a competent manner, that’s going to alienate some people.

Jus’ sayin’…

And here come the Bengals. At 5-3-1 Cinci is not quite living up to their pre-season hype, taking  brutal beatings from NE (43-17), Indy (27-0), and Cleveland (24-3) and playing Carolina to a 37-37 stalemate. They’ve won against Baltimore (twice), Tennessee, Atlanta and Jacksonville. Not the most difficult schedule, to be sure. Unfortunately the Saints resemble the latter teams more than the former.

The Bengals are our 7th most successful series, tied at 6-6, and 1-1 in the Sean Payton Era. The Machine calls for a 28-20 win by the Saints. I see nothing much to change that other than our defense, which, despite the catcalls from dilettantes last week, is still performing consistently. Four sacks, four additional tackles for lost yardage and one forced fumble against the Niners isn’t bad. No INTs, but Kaepernick has only thrown five all season. Andy Dalton will be harder to sack but he throws wild when chased, with nine INTs so far this year. Hell, I’ll even float the possibility of a pick-six in this game! Oh, and I have a feeling that former Bengal Shayne Graham will talk Payton into letting him kick a 50+ yarder out of spite! Let’s call it…

Saints: 31

Bengals: 21

And now, the Numerical Frippery!

Drew Brees (301-1st) tossed TDs #299, #300 and #301 last week. That’s 66 more than Archie (115) and Aaron (120) combined! Brees (381-4th) re-tied Tom Brady in career TDs.

Mark Ingram (471-13th) is one rushing attempt away from Mike Strachan (472). Ingram (2013-13th) passed Strachan (1902) in rushing yards and sits 45 behind Archie Manning (2058-12th).

Brandin Cooks (500-72nd) caught his 500th yard!

Jimmy Graham (288-9th) tied Eric Martin on the points list and (48-5th) on the TDs list. Graham (48-3rd) tied Martin and Quinn Early on the receiving list.

Nick Toon supposedly took the field at some point but drew no targets. Joe Morgan is off the suspended list and should join Toon on the bench today for afternoon tea.

The Sack Race continues with Cam Jordan (26.5-14th) passing Jumpy Geathers (26) and nestling snugly behind Junior Galette (27.5-13th).

Shayne Graham (36-11th) passed Olindo Mare (34) on the XP list and is just three away from Garo Yepremian (39-10th)

Thomas Morstead just keeps rocking! I don’t track punter stats, but trust me!

-M Styborski

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