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Saints LogoWelcome to 6-8 for the tenth time. It was a refreshing win!

No, really, the offense looked good for most of the game and when it faltered the D shifted into overdrive! Seven sacks and three interceptions? A return game that actually does something other then kneel? Yes, please! And while it was also refreshing to be hooting’ and hollering’ about football on The FB again, I caution you to remember one crucial element of that game: Bears! Seriously, they are who we thought they were. Even less.

The Atlanta Falcons, on the other hand, actually have some semblance of offense and defense this season despite being on a somewhat wilder roller coaster than the Saints. Up until last week they were tied with us but really ahead due to their OT win in week one. Falcons fans have recently been pointing out that “We won just as many games as y’all!” but what they fail to mention is that the only opponent Atlanta has beaten that’s not in the miserable NFC South was an injury-depleted Arizona Cardinals. The Saints at least have wins against GB and Pittsburgh! (Ouch. That still hurts!) The problem on our side of that equation is that we’re included in that miserable division that is the Falcons bread and butter.

But despite “Bears!”, despite four straight home losses and despite the Falcons uncanny ability to beat teams within the NFL’s crappiest division I still believe the Saints come out on top this week. Even The Machine agrees, cranking out a 27-25 victory for us! The only thing the Saints have to do is hold the momentum! And yeah, that’s something we haven’t done well–or at all–this season, but I have it on good authority that something has been brewing since W01 which the general public is unaware of and I’m not at liberty to discuss it. Next week, perhaps I’ll spill the beans. Sean can only fire you once, right?

Saints: 34

Bears: 30

Meanwhile, there’s a whole lotto frippin’ goin’ on, but before we get into it allow me to explain a huge mistake I’ve made. Most of you are aware that I roll my own stats week to week and while I strive for accuracy, I made a huge initial blunder when I began. I used to compile my list of Saints accomplishments and at the start of every season since then to double-check the numbers of the previous year.

I think there have been a handful of instances where my final numbers were less than a half-dozen yards off and this is due to Monday Morning fiddling by the NFL, deciding a certain play was a run instead of a pass or shaving a yard off one play. Essentially, nothing that would change a rip much in any of these posts.

However, when I compiled the stats initially I did so by category; TD’s, rushing attempts, tackles, etc. The problem being that I missed some 300 Saints that never made a tackle, scored a point or did much of anything during their time in New Orleans! The majority of these players were here for less than five games but more than a few were guards who, by definition of position, aren’t ever going to do much in the way of stats. Their job is to guard the QB and open holes for the RBs. They’re ineligible to even think of touching the ball unless it’s fumbled. Case in point: Fred Sturt who played 59 games in four seasons but never saw stat one.


So, I’m currently re-concatinating the entire history of Saints stats to bring everything into line but for my past posts this means mentions of “Nth player to take the field as a Saint” are about 300 spots off! including this post and most probably next week as well. I used the Saints own historical roster from the 2014 Media Guide to find the players I missed, looking each one up individually. (A day of my life I’ll never get back!) The problem here is that roster includes post-season players and players who spent time in training camp or on the practice squad but never actually played in a regular season game! (Andy Tanner, anyone? Four years he’ll never get back!)

So, until I get everything squared away for next year, there’s your caveat emptier and my mea culpa! Whaddya want for free? You may now frip.

Drew Brees (43,091-1st) threw his 43,000th yard as a Saint! He also moved into 6th place ahead of Dan Fouts (SD, 43,040) on the NFL Career Yards With One Team list! Drew also took his 200th and 201st sacks. He remains eight behind Aaron Brooks and 139 behind Archie Manning and only owns 12.95% of the 1552 sacks in Saints history!

Mark Ingram (108-t-35th) tied Ricky Williams and Archie Manning on the points list. Ingram also tied Williams, Manning and Torrance Small (18) on the TD list. Ingram (18-t-9th) broke his tie with Reggie Bush and tied Archie Manning on the rushing TD list.

Khiry Robinson (121-t-45th) tied Ernie Wheelwright in rushing attempts. Robinson (564-39th) is now ten rushing yards behind Vaughan Dunbar (574).

Marques Colston (402-5th) is just twenty away on the points list from Garrett Hartley (422)! While this might seem trivial, [duh, of course it is!] You have to remember that kickers tend to rule the points roost on any team; the top four spots in New Orleans being Morten Anderson (1932), John Carney (768), Doug Brien (513) and Hartley.

Kenny Stills (84-46th) passed Al Dodd (80) and David Thomas (81) on the receptions list and sits two behind Billy Miller (86). Stills (1422-36th) passed Dodd (1382) on the receiving yards list and is just 38 yards behind Jeremy Shockey (1460).

Jimmy Graham (300-9th) saw little action against Chicago and still needs just one TD to tie Joe Horn on the points list and (50-t-2nd) pass Horn on the total TD and receiving TD lists.

Shayne Graham (110-t-33rd) tied Torrance Small on the points list, passing Ricky Williams and Archie Manning (108) in the process. Graham (50-9th) passed Tom Dempsey (49) on the XP list and is now five behind Benny Ricardo (55). Graham (21-11th) is also just two FGs behind Ricardo and Bill McClard (23)

Patrick Robinson (9-t-16th) tied Jabari Greer, Darren Sharper, Jay Bellamy, Jimmy Spencer, Bivian Lee and Delles Howell on the INT list.

Pierre Warren (2-t-90th) became the 182nd Saint to haul in an interception.

CB Terrence Frederick (1-t-834th) became the 858th Saint to suit up and take the field and (4-t-232nd) the 313th Saint to make a tackle.

Jamarca Sanford (2-t-255th) became the 314th Saint to make a tackle.

Erik Lorig (2-t-255th) became the 315th Saint to make a tackle.

John Jenkins (1-t-111th) became the 145th Saint to record a sack.

Junior Galette (30.5-13th) backed up his mouth and paycheck with two sacks.

David Hawthorne (6-t-47th) was literally loaded for Bear and doubled his sack total tying Anthony Hargrove, Tony Bryant and Alex Molden in the process.

And Akiem Hicks (6.5-43rd) made the most impressive defensive play of the year, bulldozing 6′ 2″, 310lb, Chicago center Roberto Garza backwards into Jay Cutler then, with one mighty, meaty paw to the shoulder, dropping Cutler for a seven yard loss! He moved up eight spots on the sack list, tying Parys Haralson, Hollis Thomas and Troy Wilson.

-M Styborski

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