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Saints LogoI’ve been asked why I keep headlining the post-season posts with “Saints”. Because even though we aren’t in it, it’s still part of the season. Sometimes a spank stings weeks after it’s administered.

So, Last week The Machine went two-out-of-four and then I found a fly in the ointment! I have since greased that gear and re-run the games and The Machine produced a more respectable 3/4. So, without further ado, here’s what it spits out this week…

Baltimore: 28
New England: 31
Looks close and it may be closer! I think the Ravens have a bee in their bonnet this year, as opposed to las year when they were simply a great team. While I’m not certain they can win this game, I am certain that the Patriots can lose it! It’s all going to come down to defense. Still, the smart money says New England.

Carolina: 19
Seattle: 26
Unlike last week the Panthers face a defense. Will it be enough to stop Cam Newton’s antics? The Machine thinks so, and so do I. Carolina has been living on borrowed time since W01 and methinks the clock has wound down.

Dallas: 28
Green Bay: 30
Everyone knows that the Packers are going to win this, but like I said last week, the Cowboys have that Wile E Coyote denial thing going on. If they keep it close it’s entirely within the realm of possibility that this is the alternate reality in which the Cowboys win a second playoff game in a single season. The Machine did begin to smoke when it cranked out these numbers…

Indianapolis: 32
Denver: 33
OK, Now I know The Machine is on crack. While these two teams really don’t have great defenses, their offenses certainly aren’t this good, are they? Well, yeah, they are. Atleast, they used to be. The question is: Can they be this good at this point in the season? More to the point, does Indy have enough Luck to keep pace with Peyton?

-M Styborski

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