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In case you haven’t heard, Rob Ryan stays. And I really do hate to say I told you so because now I’m getting yelled at by drunks in bars as if it’s all somehow my doing! Freaking sportsball fans! Of course, now that the Steelers and long-time DC Dick Lebeau have parted ways there might be some rug-yanking from under Rob’s feet! Nah… it would be nice, but one Lebeau House to a town. Shame about ours.

Last week The Machine went three-of-four and the game it missed was Colts-Broncos. But then everyone got that wrong, right? Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, right? Wrong. Brett Favre still has more attempts, completions, yards and years than anyone. Per game Drew Brees still breats both Favre and Manning in those categories. And playoffs? Playoffs? In his sixteen years Manning is 9-9 in post-season play, reaching the Big Game twice and winning it once. Most everything else is one and done. Peyton does have the most TD passes in the league and the most lucrative corporate shill gigs since Leno hawked Doritos, so he’s got that going for him.

And for those of you tracking killer references, this marks the first time anyone in New Orleans has used the “Playoffs!” reference correctly. Colts head coach Jim Mora gave that memorable post-game performance in 2001, Manning’s fourth year in the league and Mora’s last in Indy, in the middle of what would turn out to be  a 6-10 season. I can’t tell you how many free shots I’ve gotten from drunks at the bar who think Mora was coaching New Orleans when he said that! (Though I can certainly understand their reasoning!)

But enough about the past! We have games to pick and miles to sleep before I go!

Green Bay (13-4) at Seattle (13-4):
Deja vu! This game is soooo September 04th, 2014! You see, it’s a rematch/grudge-match/whatever of the opening game of the season. Last time the Packers fell 16-36. This time it should be closer. Eddie Lacy has found his legs and the cheese that makes up the GB defense is decidedly not swiss! On the other hand, the Seahawks have been steamrolling teams all year long. The Machine took a full hour to grind this one out and I had to add decimal gears to determine a winner! With just a .53 point margin it’s a squeaker for the Seahawks hoping to become the eighth NFL franchise to win back-to-back Superbowls.
Packers: 20
Seahawks: 21

Indianapolis (13-5) at New England (13-4):
Nobody saw the Broncos defeat coming. Well, I did, but I didn’t have the stones (or the stats) to back up the call. This week, however, The Machine has convinced me to take the leap. While the GB-SEA game will be a down-and-dirty slugfest, IND-NE looks to be a lesson in finesse. Andrew Luck is turning into what his early hype promised: the next Tom Brady while the original Tom Brady is aging gracefully. The question here is if the original has anything left in his tank.

Now, now, simmer down ladies! I’m not doing the “Stick a fork in him, he’s done!” schtick that the media tried earlier this season. Clearly he’s still got game, but if you look at the numbers there’s not as much as there was a year ago. Brady always made a difficult job look easy, but this season I saw him do something he hasn’t had to do in a decade: Try. The effortless game is fading and Brady has actually had to work for his wins this year. And while I don’t think he’s done in the NFL, the 2014 post-season is another story.
Colts: 30
Patriots: 25

-M Styborski

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