This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Mar 11, 2015 by

I have a problem.
New Orleans has a problem.
We have a serious problem.
But, before I elaborate, let me give you some background.

I love my city.
I really do.
I was raised here until I took my first venture to another city at the age of 24. Since then, I’ve lived in a few different cities but, as y’all know, nothing compares (to you). In the end, I always come back. As much as this city has given me, I greedily want more.
More in the form of better.
Better in the form of let’s not be the laughing stock of the United States.  I think that title might belong to Florida.

The Problem:
We (some of our residents)  are constantly doing things to make us look worse than we are. The world already thinks our education system produces nothing but illiterate party animals. Quite often, we are the source of that image.

The Solution:
There are many people in positions of power, prestige or other public-facing areas. These jobs often require college-level educations in order to be considered. The last time I checked, passing 6th grade was a prerequisite to going on to any level higher than that. How is it that we have people making six or seven figures that don’t know the difference between there, their, and they’re?

One solution is public ridicule laced with sarcasm . This is where I come in. We don’t have the authority to go fire every journalist who can’t spell, but we have the power of the Internet and Social Media to quickly point out their mistakes. There are millions of people looking for jobs that know how to proofread, do simple math, spell and capitalize state names. Some of them should get these jobs.

Caveat Emptor:
Before you become too attached to my methods, please know that I am not perfect nor do I want to be. I will occasionally misspell words or use improper grammar. The difference is that I’m not getting paid gazillions of dollars for this so it doesn’t matter.

So, before I close out my first post on this site, I’ll leave you with one example that just occurred recently.



Who gets paid to proofread these before they post them?  Really.

This is why we can’t have nice things.



There is absolutely a ton that we do right in New Orleans but my mission here is just to point out some of the funny faults to help :)


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