WGNO, You Suck at Editing

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If you read my previous post, “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things“, you’ll understand my issue with news organizations who employ people with no grammar skills.  I generally read articles from all the local news sources and, in my opinion, WGNO hires the worst journalists with respect to grammar and editing.

Their own job posting for a “Multimedia Journalist” includes the following qualification request.

“Experience should include a demonstration of writing, shooting and editing skills.”

Let’s be honest, WGNO.  You really don’t care about their writing or editing skills.  With respect to writing skills, many of their online stories read something like this.

John had a gun.  John shot someone in the French Quarter.  John got away.  The police are still looking for John.  If you know where John is, call the police.

OK, so it’s not completely that bad but it’s very close.

With respect to grammar skills, it gets a million times worse.   Here are just a few samples from this year so far.






So they have no clue how to properly use the words its or it’s.  Isn’t that basic grammar we learn before we’re able ride the roller coasters?

How about some of these that show their complete lack of editing capabilities.







Despicable, right?

Yes, WGNO, you really suck at this and your journalists, who are probably making $50K or more (I have no clue) are wasting space in your offices.  Sure, I make mistakes, but I’m not getting paid for this.

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


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