We Miss You Ashley

Apr 2, 2015 by

Seven years ago today New Orleans lost one of it’s most profane and vital voices. Ashley Morris, firebrand blogger and professor of computer science at DePaul University passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack while in Florida handling family business.

Ashley was one of the best of us. An intelligent and educated voice with no patience for prevarication or bullshit. At a time when we were still seeing Blackwater troops in the streets and water in some of the neighborhoods he was the voice of our frustration and anger. The fact that his constant stream of (well deserved) F-bombs was backed up by a titanic intellect and extensive education is what made him one of the finest voices in the city.

I remember drinking Jameson and eating po-boys in his porch with him as we shared out outrage at the way people were taking advantage of the chaos to screw each other and our city over. A week later he was gone.

Since then David Simon used selections of his writings for the character Creighton Barrnet in Treme, although mostly in a watered down form. Just take a look at his most legendary post, Fuck You, You Fucking Fucks, which still remains the perfect encapsulation of the New Orleans mindset in the days after Hurricane Katrina and the great levee failure of 2005. Don’t let the profanity put you off, its important stuff.

I’d write more, but to be honest as I type this it feels as though I’ve been punched in the chest. I’ll simply close with a song, one that became synonymous with Ashley during his all too brief stint in this world. Ashley, you’ll always be our excitable boy….

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