Starbucks Can’t Spell Coffee (others can’t spell at all)

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Just like I pointed out in my last article, there are certain entities that should be able to spell certain things. Residents of a state should be able to spell their state names and businesses should be able to spell things that are specific to their industry.   Here are some examples of major gaffes I’ve seen recently that illustrate this point.


Canal Place
New Orleans, La.
Discovered 04/10/2015

I’m sorry but, if you’re the largest, global COFFEE chain IN THE WORLD with over 21,000 stores in over 60 COUNTRIES, and YOU CAN’T SPELL “COFFEE”, you need to shut down immediately.  Either close your doors or start serving items you can spell.

My next victim is a bar that can’t spell the drinks they serve.  In particular, a NEW ORLEANS bar that CAN’T SPELL “HURRICANE”.


Jazz Cafe
Decatur Street
New Orleans, La
Discovered 04/11/2015

Seriously, the “Hurricane” is arguably the most popular drink in the city and one that was created here.  And, as everyone knows, this city is no stranger to the storms of the same name.   If I owned this bar, I would have fired the person who wrote this.

Here’s another place  (restaurant) that can’t spell “hurricane”.  I was alerted to this by a friend of a friend so I had to go find it myself a few weeks ago.


How about a Souvenir Shop owner that can’t spell “Souvenir”?


Parked on N. Peters St.
New Orleans, La.

And lastly, this French Quarter restaurant has some issues they need to resolve as well.  In fact, I’ve posted their mistakes to their Facebook Page twice.  In each post, I asked them if they’ll hire me to make their signs.  I’m still waiting for an answer.  (edit: I just noticed they deleted my last post……)

10277374_10152721031929503_5949163970743090429_n (1)10421291_10152853482129503_7125361773216835737_n

Huck Finn’s Cafe
Decatur Street
New Orleans, La.
Discovered between 02/2015 – 04/2015

That’s it for this post. If you discover items like this on  your own that you’d like to share, let me know!

This is why we can’t have nice things.


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